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Am Not Sure


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Hi there everyone.

Ive just been looking around some sites. I have come across some mibs on the marbles galore site under champion agate.THey are at the top of the second page and are purple swirls.They look a lot like the purple euro swirl that i have.The one in the pic tht joe posted for me dated 28th october. I only put it in with others in pic becouse they looked same. So please have a look and let me know what you think. Sorry no pic atatched to this,as still cant upload pics to forum. thanks. peter

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It would not be the first time that a swirl was mis-identified. I can't say which is right in this case. Actually I would trust this particular seller's opinion more than my own over most swirl marbles. Ask this question directly to the seller and trust him to give you an honest answer. He has a great reputation.

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