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Need Your Opinion Please

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Hello everyone! I have collected marbles for 30+ years and need to downsize. I had never listed any marbles on Ebay until tonight. I listed 2 marble lots and I am a nervous wreck. Could you please take a look and critique them? I will be happy for any opinions - good or bad. I wanted to start out selling some that were not my favorites. That way I wouldn't be so disappointed if they fizzled. LOL

Thanks for your time and sorry for not knowing how to post a clickable link.

Gail in NY

#260573309988 & #260573220723

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Hi Gail, this is a link to your best lot of the 2. Nice bag and 1950's Vitro black line All-Reds! i think these will fetch seventy dollars or more with that bag! The other lot looks like common cat eye marbles.


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Thank-you marbleman for your reply and for posting the link. I really appreciate it. Yeah, the catseyes only saving grace is the color and niceness of the glass. They are just too nice to toss and all of the kids in town have tons of my marbles already. LOL

I hope any interested watchers of the Vitro auction understand that the bag is not perfect. I do have other old marble bags. Should I include a better one in the auction? The marbles shown are the ones that came with that bag though.

Thanks again!

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