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Been pondering on these Jabo threads and came to the conclusion that it would be better to have Jabo's, not just for comparison, not just because they are so beautiful and not because I like them.

I'm thinking about the folks who have earnestly worked hard to find the information about the marbles of the past, the historians, those dedicated people who have put in many miles, many written words and such so that the information can be brought forth for all to learn. This isn't just about the here and now, there are future generations to consider. Why not make it a bit easier for them to have the information, something we have now, easily and readily available for them? Documentation, even within our own separate collections, would be that much better for those who will inherit what we presently enjoy.

All marbles have and will have some history behind them..someone's intelligence, someone's creativity, someone's enthusiasm, those cherished eureka moments...sometimes (and sadly) these things are forgotten.

As I see, even now, there are stories being told of marble-making, fond memories being cherished and shared. Each marble made creates another detail in a large, beautiful picture...Enjoy them!

Thanx and have a wonderful day!

:-) Felicia

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LOL Brian, usually I'm in brain freeze mode...this thinking and pondering rarely happens, gotta keep that last good brain cell for my later years :-)

Anywho, the flood gates have opened for a little longer and I thought "What a great time we are living in!" I mean there are folks who physically dig for information, whether it be in the dirt, through old newspapers and archived material or experimenting with marble manufacturing, wherever there is a possibility to learn.

Back in the day, practically every town had kids somewhere playing marbles, some would show off their new bag of marbles their parents bought them and there are still young folks playing today because either their parents inspired them or someone else did. I am thrilled when I see folks give that 125%, these are folks who really really love this hobby. They go beyond the collecting. I am thankful that we still have people around who want to make marbles. It is because of all these great people, past and present, who have done so much, that makes this a fun and exciting time on this marble path.

I thank them all and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

:-) Felicia

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Now something for y'all to ponder about...

I seem to recall a few years ago, when I 'discovered' marbles, (please correct me if I am wrong) there was a story about a lady, (I think it was Patry) who was admired and loved by many, who began collecting machine-made marbles during a time when it wasn't the 'thing' to do. There were posts of her amazing and gorgeous marbles, she had cat's eyes that were beyond belief! As I see it, she went with what she liked and from what I had seen of the pictures posted, her collection was awesome! If I understand correctly too, she had one of the top collections of machine-mades around.

We cannot see the future and only hope for the best but if you collect what YOU like, how much happier will you be?

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