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Canton Marble Show


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Today, I made a one day run/trip and went to the Canton Ohio Marble Show for a few hours. I only had to travel three hours (one way) and am very glad to have made the trip. Too bad everyone is not as close but even if you are not, if you like marbles, this is a good show. Great people there from the marble world and spectacular stuff to look at and add to collections. It was worth the trip just to see the box of Christensens for $48,000 and I am thinking that the price might have been too low for this particular box. I had a pocket full of stuff that I wanted a second opinion on and knowlege from these folks flows freely and is free. Saw some of the folks that frequent this board. Whoa! What a surprise. People may not be anything at all like you think they are from postings. Hoping to see pictures soon from folks that were there with a camera.

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