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Clays: A Taste Of Things To Come


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Dave Becker is a marble craftsman who took up the art of polymer clay after being inspired by Carl Fishers work. Dave lives in Colorado and works out of his home crafting the detailed beauties you will see below.

He was kind enough to send me some examples and I did what I do with the camera and a bit of Paint Shop Pro X2 and well you be the Judge.

Be sure to click on this link to see all of the images of the samples he sent me. I will be updating this link as time goes on and the LORD allows!



Dave Becker can be contacted at [email protected]

Tell him BIBLEfreak sent you!

Just a late Friday afternoon contribution!

Dave Becker, not only one heck of a human being, but a skilled Clay artist.

Dave styled these after the killer headdresses of Native American Indians!

Your looking at 6 different marbles!





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