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Why Has Nobody Told Me About This?!


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From Wikipedia:

Before Time Cube, Ray advocated the sport of marbles. He authored a book titled Mr. Marbles - Marbles for Everyone,[10] and got the city council of St. Petersburg, Florida to proclaim a "Marbles Week" in the 1970s. In 1987, this became a controversial attempt to establish a million dollar marble tournament inside a huge round structure and establish a philosophical "Order of the Sphere".

That's right. The world's wisest man, the inventor of Time Cube, wrote a marbles book. How did I not know this? Why has nobody told me? Regardless, I feel as though it's vitally important that everybody know about this, just in case you didn't already.

Also, a youtube clip here. The best bit is around 2:40, which is where he devolves into his normal schizophrenic ranting.

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