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I Need Help With Identifying Marbles


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I have posted in the Marble ID section pics of several marbles that I recently found under the house that were in the metal ice cooler pictured in this post. The cooler measures 16"W X 10"D x 12"H, but it has no id markings on it. It is all metal and has rust on the bottom. I estimate it to be 1950's or earlier vintage. I have separated them by color and pattern only. The previous owner of the house was 78 years old when he passed away in 1996. Since he was born in 1918, I assume he had these marbles as a kid and was playing with them in the mid 1920's to mid 1930's (when he was between 8-14 years old.) Many of the marbles show coniserable dings and small pits, but a good portion of them have no damage at all. Can anyone help me identify the marbles that are posted in the Marble ID section?post-2958-129781036965_thumb.jpgpost-2958-129781038286_thumb.jpg

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