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Am I Selling Or Collecting?


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I received a personal email from another member that was forwarded to me by this site. I tried to reply to it but was unsuccessful. So I thought I would answer his question here. He asked if I was posting pics of my marbles in the Marble ID section so I could sell them or start a collection. Answer: Both...I have 1000 marbles and many are the same kind (probably 50 different kinds, for instance I have numerous Pelt Rainbos, Vitro Conquerors, Vitro Tiger Eyes....then again there are some marbles that are one of a kind), so I thought I would identify them, then keep 2-3 of the same kind, etc and then maybe try to sell the rest. Still have a lot of work to do identifying them though. Then, I would have to research values, etc before I attempted to sell them.

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I like your answer - there nothing more frustrating than seeing a seller miss name the marble they want to sell.

Yup, that would be embarrassing. I found the marbles in an ice cooler under the house. I have learned a lot from posting pics, but it is so frustrating trying to make sure I have the id right. Many marbles made by diff companies look alike to me.

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