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Breezewood Pennsylvania Marble Collection Anybody Nearby?

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I just got this note from an antique dealer in Breezewood Pennsylvania:

Hello, Mr. Huffer,

I am a dealer in glass (mostly depression glass), pottery, kitchenware and miscellaneous. Purchased a full basement last fall and just finished cleaning it out, including 1000s of pieces of glass. There were perhaps 150-250 marbles (haven't counted them), so I bought the "Big Book of Marbles" to see what I had. But knowing nothing about marbles, the more I look at the book, the more confused I get. Do you have any suggestions for selling or appraising them?

I would be happy to sell for a fair wholesale price to a marble dealer? There may be a few "good" ones, but I can't tell! Thanks for any help or advice. I am located in southcentral PA near Breezewood on the PA turnpike.

Anybody interested in following up on this lead?

Send a PM to me and I will get back to you with his contact info.

Good Luck!


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