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Torched Tonight Wed Aug 17Th

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You know me - I usually don't say much about the work I do - just ask if you like it or not basically. Tonight's torching was different - as I worked I recalled the visit to the Akro museum of Roger and Claudia Hardy's where I bought the best Akro cullet I've ever seen - ever! then I picked out some Jabo Joker Salute cullet afterward remembering the great time I had at the run and learning SO much. Finally I picked out Italian glass rods and played with them. My kiln is set for 5 hours working time and I used ALL the time making marbles with only 4 breaks - I know it wasn't safe and I needed more breaks BUT I can't remember the time passing by so fast - I was so inspired by the experience I had on my vacation from places I'd never been before that these memories spouted out tonight my friends. It is 1:21am here in California as I type - I am so wired I can't sleep! Right now, I feel I did my best cullet work tonight and I had to tell my friends about it - yeah you might think I am trying to break my right arm patting myself on the back but I really feel so inspired by knowing a lot of the history of Akro, being there at a marble making machine and pulling Italian rods that it surely will show when I open the kiln 8 1/2 hours from now. But there is a small glitch - tomorrow I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to San Diego where my friend is in a hotel visiting the US from France so I can't see the results of tonight's torching until I get back from visiting him nor can I share pictures tomorrow with you guys - bummer...lol.

Anyway now I have got it put of my system, off to the shower and to bed where my wife is fast asleep - shush, don't wake her... nighty-night all!

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Here are the results of Akro cullet work. I'd love to hear what you think of these marbles that used to be chunks of cullet.

If you click on the picture here below, it will take you to the place where all the other pictures of the Akro cullet marbls are located.

Click the little arrow that brings up the next marble picture.



IMG 9055

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