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Pretty Deep Chip And How To Remove It By Hand

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First I need to give my rereference. I have been a member here at the marble connection for 5 or 6 years. Alan Z on this board canvouch for me. I have beeen a member at ebay for 12 years or more. My seller and user name is wediscount. I have a positive feedbackof over 4600 and it's unblemished.

Now to the marble. This junk marble had a chip about 15 thousands of an inch deep. The marble next to it had about the same depth of damage. Repairing this marble is a little different than the marble I posted yesterday. I start with a 3-M brand 320 crankproduction paper. It comes in a roll about 250 foot long and a half inch wide. I cut it in about 7 inch strips and I also cut some pieces in half and some about three eights wide. I sandwich the marble in a vise between 2 rubber faucet washers. leaving a little bit stick up above the jaws of the vise. Experience tells me that from the center of the chip I will be going about 5 eights of an inch all the wayaround the perimeter. You will be cutting a little more at the chip center but you also got to start taking off stock at the edge of the chip perimeter and work your way down the 5 eights outer limit. Now look at the depth of the scratches that the 320 left on the marble. Your objective now is to take the 400 and make those 320 scratches disappear. Once that is done try to get some 490 to 520 grit paper and again looking at the artifacts of the 400 paper make them disappear. Then take the 600 and make the 500 artifacts disappear. It's now ready for the buff. Would recommend you practice on a shallow small chip until you feel comfortable with the process. It took me aboutan a hour and a half start to finish but the most important thing is I maintained the curve and have no flat spots. Remember you have to go through a certain progression of grits to get the marbles surface ready to take a buff. Thanks for the read, Ronnie


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