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Your Opinions Please...and Thank You...

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I believe these to be Peltier Rainbows ..Aqua ...Then a very dark bluish green (almost opaque) .. Then just blue. not sure how common these are ..but Im gonna post them on Ebay for .99 cents for ea. group. Iam about to embark on a marble sale...if theres any thing in particular you'd like to see up for sale drop me a note...Ill see what I can do .. Thanks Johnny [email protected]




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Yes I would think at least the aqua and blue/white marbles are Peltier Rainbows. I guess the dark blue ones also look like Peltier rainbows.

When taking pictures make sure you get the point where the ribbons meet the seams. Otherwise even something as straight forward as a Peltier Rainbow can look like a swirl.

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