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$100.00 Repair, Another Shameless Plug!

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You have to take into consideration several things when repairing a sulphide marble. Are there cracks that go through the figurine? Are there several cracks in the marble? Does the figurine have a bubble of air around it or near part of it? Polishing (removing glass) won't repair these problems.

Does the marble only have surface chips and dings? Here is where polishing might be the best way to repair it. If the chips are not too deep into the sphere, I recommend polishing to my customers and won't touch that type of repair. If the chip is one that is deep, polishing removes the glass from the sulphide and takes a considerable amount of good glass away. Torching allows the chipped area to be cleaned up by picking out the debris and then moving the good glass into the dent made where the clean-up was performed. This method does lose glass but certainly not as much as polishing.

Personally, I find your post lacking taste and non educational to our group. I have turned down many sulphide repairs and suggested the person have the polishing method used to "fix" the sulphide because I felt polishing was a better method. I have repaired over 80 sulphide marbles by the torch method and probably suggested the polishing method 30 times. I usually recommend Leroy Johnson but your work is also to be commended. Please PM me your information and I surely will send you business when I can.

You have to understand, I am one who cares about the marble and will not try to convince a person that torching repairs is always the best and I will not do a repair just for the money made. We all have to get along and do the best for the marble when considering a repair and do what is right.

Before a torching repair can be made, the sulphide has to be heated to 970 F and held there for at least an hour so the internal temperature matches the external temperature. Here is a potential problem - some of the old glass can't take that warming process and explodes ruining the marble. This has happened 3 times to me before. I always tell the customer the risks and allow them the decision.

Best to you and keep up the great work you are doing.

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