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A Window Of Opportunity


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A friend gave me this 1-5/8ths. inch marble. I knew it could not be restored, but I also knew it had a area that would allow it to be displayed. The marble still has 4 internal cracks, and surface wise it had big deep external craters and a hundred or so hit marks. The reason I worked on this marble was it had a real nice inner core and when it was made, the bottom pontil was pulled and twisted into 5 corkscrews. These corks are seperated by about the thickness of a business card. The marble does display well and I'll just add it to the collection. Ronniepost-299-0-29084800-1356342469_thumb.jpgpost-299-0-51011900-1356342481_thumb.jpgpost-299-0-77022100-1356342496_thumb.jpgpost-299-0-07383200-1356342509_thumb.jpgpost-299-0-01395500-1356342521_thumb.jpg

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