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I Washed My Hands Many Times After Handling These Marbles!!!

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Took another look at those “Bulgarian” marbles that Craig pictured recently. Their sufaces seem similar to a very large and diverse assortment of marbles that a sewage plant worker had for sale - only his were quite surface cloudy like surf glass. I figured that his collection of marbles had been flushed then tumbled miles down iron or tile pipes ending up at the bottom of a sewage treatment pond. No, these were not the European marbles that Craig showed. These were a few agates, some German swirls, cat eyes and many American machine mades. Nothing remotely exotic or worth a Leroy treatment.

In some parts of the USA, England and possibly Bulgaria - water and sewage pipes were made of wood staves. This less abrasive sewer pipe would have been easier on the surface of this diverse collection of “Bulgarian” marbles.

Just a thought . . .

Big Indian -- no braid

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