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Are These Giant Joseph's Coat Marbles? Huge And Colorful! 2-1/2"!

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Here's a photo of 2 very large handmade marbles, the one of the left is 2" and the one on the right is just over 2-1/2". For comparison I added a 9/16" Joseph's coats. Can these still be called JC's? They don't have a base layer like an onionskin, but they have colored streaks and bands like a JC, but most of the streaks do not run from pontil to pontil like most JC's do.

Judging by the bright colors they were made after 1900.

Do any of you have similar marbles?

Both are quite damaged (I show the best sides on the photo) with large chips, moons and cracks.


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Guest browse4antiques

I believe that Joseph-coats were often constructed with broken pieces of glass rods. The larger the marble, the less stretching and so it is more likely to see the broken ends - and on small ones it often appears that there are no breaks in the stripes. Here are a few for which the broken ends can be seen. 1st is 1.5", next is 1" (amber base), and the last is 11/16". ... Roger


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