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Still Breathing!!! - Ot

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I have been forced out of my rental by the landlady selling it on a short sale.

I have been SO busy packing.

I rented an industrial building for my business and I am storing everything there because I am basically homeless.

Escrow closed on May 24th and the new owners gave me until June 23rd to be totally out.

Moving at my age is quite a PITA!!!!!

Anyway, did some repairs to sulphides and onionskins when I needed a break from moving - more details later on those (I did take before and after pix).

Anyway, keep on keeping on!!!!!

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Thanks Rich!!!! Very fast professional service.

SUPER!!! I'm very happy with my small bird (that one's mine) That red on the bird in ON the bird not the glass...

My buddy had the other two, and he's very pleased with the results as well. Will send more 'work' for ya soon.

He was wondering if you are able to put a pontil back on them or not???

Great job and thanks again.

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