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Fred Leuenberger

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Guest browse4antiques

I think it was last year that we lost Fred Leuenberger (I hope I have spelled his name right). I don't think he ever posted, or was involved with the board, but I know from my interactions with him, that he was a very nice guy, and had a true passion for marbles. Fred was great at restoring marbles. I ran across this 1 and 15/16" cloud/onionskin lutz, but it was split in half, and badly hacked. Fred told me that it was his most challenging restoration. You need a magnifying glass to see that it has been repaired. Anyway, since we don't have a post, I thought we could settle for some pics of his great work. I added another pic of a 1 and 1/2" cornhusk that Fred restored for me. When I got it it was so badly hacked that I honestly wasn't sure if it really was a cornhusk or not. ... Roger



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Hello Friends,

A few years ago Fred polished a marble for me; he did an outstanding job considering the shape it was in( it was obviously bounced more than once). When I received the marble back he included a letter in which he described the marble as being the "sickest colored marble he had ever seen"! I thought that was a strange comment until I saw the marble. It turned out to be a Leighton Type made up of mostly a snot green and mucus colored yellow, with a little white swirled in to make it look better?

I was totally floored by the marbles that he polished and buffed for me. I was very sad to hear of his passing; he will be greatly missed by all who knew him!

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