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  1. Peach color

    Wish Bill would post photos more often. They always made me drool with envy.
  2. I'm not an expert, but years ago I remember someone saying the pinkish color is caused by light exposure.
  3. Where have all the good marbles gone?

    Very few really fabulous ones on ebay lately. Well, Christensens anyhow.
  4. Just missing a friend...

    He was a free spirit, loved his animals and nature, hated political correctness and helped many of us with ID's. As his consignments brought more and more $, the hobby grew as well. He shared a lot of his knowledge and/or opinions on this website, which used to be Alan's Marble Connection, if I remember right. The only thing that didn't work out well for him was buying Running Rabbit.
  5. Prices on Ebay

    I think the days when Christensens always commanded top dollar have gone away with the demise of Les Jones ("Great Marbles") and Alan Basinet (Marblealan). Les, in particular, could make a fairly ordinary marble sound like a top dollar one. None of the marbles you've shown in this post are ordinary though. I assume you're amazed that the guinea went for under $400?
  6. It's back on !

    I'm where you are, Greg. I sold all my Peltiers and most of my Akros. Will keep my Christensens (for now) but would like to sell my Vitros. Like you, I didn't make a "profit". Who keeps track of all the dollars we plowed into the hobby? But I did reasonably well. I think Sami Arim should send me a free copy of his Peltier book in return for my allowing him to buy my Blue Bee!
  7. Oxbloods... show me some please

    Finally, here's a photo of a VERY old Leighton type I found at a flea market (never have found anything even close at a flea market!) that was very damaged, but the gorgeous colors and "9" are incredible. I sold it quite a long time ago. And last, here are a couple Vitros with oxblood V's, not so hard to find but cool nonetheless.
  8. Oxbloods... show me some please

    Here are a few of mine. First photo is a Leighton type purchased at a show that came from Hansel DeSousa. One of the most colorful handmades I own. Check out the 9! The second is a clear oxblood by Akro. Hard to find! The third is also a handmade oxblood in clear glass with nice swirling.
  9. I Think I may need to name a Marble

    Unbelievable! Never have seen one like it.
  10. Sparkler?

    Yes. Zaboo thinks it might be Vitro. I was starting to lean toward Master Marble sunburst but Dani sees so many more marbles than I do....
  11. Sparkler?

    Any other guesses? I'm planning to list this marble on ebay soon and would love to get more of a consensus. Thanks in advance.
  12. Sparkler?

    Just want to check with folks who know the subtle differences between sparklers and sunburst and foreign sparklers, etc. I've had this one in with my Akros, but I think the blue base glass is pretty unusual for a sparkler. Anyone think it's not Akro?
  13. This was a first.

    I need to know how to block a buyer on ebay if someone would be so kind as to walk me through the steps. I've read the pages over and over again and am going in an endless loop.
  14. This was a first.

    This woman left me a negative in my perfect feedback before I even got the marble back for inspection, and said I tried to obstruct her return! (I guess because Paypal released her payment back to me.) I went through the process to ask her to remove it, saying she'll have a refund as soon as I get a chance to inspect it. What a @#!$#!! Bob, that's almost funny because so many new collectors don't know a catseye from a handmade swirl. After my experience though, I'm not laughing.