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  1. A Little How To Photo Help

    I've got another Photoscape technical support question here. Hopefully someone may be able to answer this one too. I have two drives on my computer. A solid state drive (SSD), and my hard drive for all my programs. The SSD is the default C: drive, and the hard drive is my E: drive. I only wanted to have just the Windows OS installed on the SSD, but I just discovered that it automatically installed Photoscape on the C: drive without giving me any choice in the matter. Has anyone had this issue? Is there any way to get it moved over or reinstalled on my E: drive? Thanks!
  2. A Little How To Photo Help

    New question here.... I hope there's a Photoscape expert reading this - In photoshop there's a function called 'Free Transform' where you can correct a section of your picture if say perhaps you didn't take it at exactly the correct angle. Is that available in Photoscape? Thanks.
  3. hello

    Hi Elle, and welcome from Utah!
  4. Yeah, positive feedback is everything on eBay, so he'd much rather take the hit in the short run than ruin their rep. Good deal. Glad that they worked it out for you.
  5. Hi Yes, mine arrived but it's still sealed up. It's a Christmas present my wife is going to wrap it up and stick it under the tree so I can't look at it right now at all. Thanks.
  6. I'm not looking for anything expensive, just something that will work. I read (I think on this forum) that for the beginner collectors (yeah, that's me) to get a caliper to measure the marble you acquire. So, I do a lot of shopping on Amazon, but I also wasn't sure if say Wally-world was an option? Suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Popsicle stick! That's it yeah OK I get it now. Thanks Steph! I sent an email to my parents about the 76 bottle, and she said that she looked it up on eBay (which I probably would have done myself), and it's rare and going for about $17 bucks! Pretty awesome.
  8. Here's the 2nd picture since there's a .42 MB file limit on each photo!
  9. Well, this morning I went out to actively start yet another (yeah I know) hobby... marble collecting! This guy I met who lives out here locally is also a fellow metal detectorist, and when I was online posting to others who metal detect, I said to them "hey does anyone collect marbles when they're metal detecting?" and I got several replies back on that, and quite a few around here do. So, I was invited to join him and three other guys out to an old 1920's dump to go dirt-diggin! I got to the meeting place around 8:30, and we were at the old dump around 8:45. I dug until around 11:15 and then I had to head home. By that time I'd only found three marbles... BUT.... I've found a whole bunch of old bottles! So I may end up collecting a few of them. I'll probably try to sell them off since that's not my passion. Anyway, two other guys that was out there digging found a few bottles, and I went up and over to another section of the dump with a third guy. When it was time for me to head out, the first two guys had dug up over 100 bottles in their section! So, it seems like there's a lot more bottles out at that dump then marbles. Oh well. Here's a couple pictures of my finds I got this morning. The of the marbles: red-orange, the light green one at the bottom, and the small blue one on the lower left I'd found. And the other three the guy gave me from his finds. The two things on the right are beads. That plastic thing on the left says Tupperware on it, but I have no clue what that is?? I've never heard of '76 soda before have you?
  10. First marble ID request! :D

    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. 😁
  11. A Little How To Photo Help

    Thanks Jeeperman for your very helpful and informative note about Photoscape and what/how to do it! I'm new to the forum, and tried it out with my new avatar picture as you can see - it worked brilliantly!! I'm really happy because I'd originally had the free trial version of Photoshop, and I wasn't about to pay $10 a month to have something I rarely use. I only have 2 marbles in my collection now, but I look forward to getting more in the future. I probably won't tell the wife (hehe) because I've already got a load of other things I'm into as well: ham radio, license plates, metal detecting, and casino chips!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  13. First marble ID request! :D

    Here's the third picture....