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    Marble bags and marbles; volunteering; traveling.
  1. Metallics - start with Peltier

    So, I'll throw in another bunch.
  2. Metallics - start with Peltier

    Steph - how in the world did that happern? Went in to delete dupl pic (ssme as prior post) and add new one. Ended up leaving the "wrong" one and addingthe new one 3 times? The total size is over 900 so it should not have even accepted them??? How can I fix?
  3. Files are too large?

    Or you can resize the photo using Paint or some other program/app that does resizing.
  4. blacklight suggestions

    Surprisingly no identifying names, etc. on mine.
  5. I don't think Steph sarted a thread on metallics pictures. I have collected these off and on since I started collecting back in 1998-99 time frame. Probaby have 150 different ones. Most companies had some. Misstakes in most cases like a wrench/tool dropped into the furnace or workers tossed a beer (or soda) can or two into the mix. Of course, we have Dave tearing an armchair apart at Jabo to makde the "lawnchair Jabo metallics). Here is a picture of the Peltier metallics that I have. Let's see some of your metallics.
  6. mib ID

  7. Whats up with these things?

    No idea here. Neat items!
  8. Just missing a friend...

    Very nice story. I had visited Alan at his house when we were vacationing in Florida. I remember working with him on "exposing" the fake marble bags. Both of us worked with Antique & Reproduction News for a couple articles they did on the fake bags.
  9. Akro Superman?

  10. Davidleatherman's mibs, group 2

  11. Vitro Tiger Eyes

    Here is a Tiger Eye type chart for info.