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Davidleatherman's mibs, group 3

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Left to right


Row 1: That big one is interesting.  That's a vintage-looking pattern.  If that's a vintage marble, I'd guess it was made by the Alley Agate Co.  Alley is one of the several companies who made swirled marbles in West Virginia back in the heyday of American marble-making.  But I don't recognize those colors.  Maybe someone else will chime in.

The second one looks like it could be a West Virginia swirl, but could also be newer.  Hard to say with basic red and white.  The third is a Vacor.


Row 2:  We start with a vintage German handmade.  A latticinio.  From the late 1800's or early 1900's.  Then the next two marbles appear to be Vacors.


Row 3: The first two marbles look like vintage WV Swirls.  The third might turn out to be a Marble King.  Maybe from around 1960.  More views are needed. 

Row 4:   Possibly a Jabo on the left??  Then possibly a Vacor in the middle??  And on the right  ... I'm really not sure.  

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