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  2. Steph


    Intriguing. Yeah, I don't see Pelt. But I also am not ready to join in with Jabo. Those ribbons are crisper than what I associate with Jabo in general. Curious to hear from others.
  3. PROrtiz212


    They looked like Peltier at first but I do believe these are Jabos. They were mixed in with a bunch of white and green ones. They all looked the same these were the odd ones. I thought the rest were WV swirls.
  4. They only have one patch.
  5. Steph

    Shooter ID

    Imperial on the blue. Maybe Akro Moss Agate on the cloudy one.
  6. Yes to WV swirls on 3 through 8. At least on 4 through 8. Maybe 3.
  7. Here is two the blue one I believe it to be newer maybe vacor or imperial. The cloudy shooter with the small wavy patch I have no idea.
  8. Do 1, 2, 9 and 10 have one patch or two? Generally want to see two (or more) patches for a Marble King. One MK-like patch could point to Akro.
  9. Yes, Imperial on 11, 12.
  10. Also that blue color is not a popular color for jabo's.
  11. Todays batch, I'm thinking 1,2,10,11 are Marble King? 3,4,5,6,7,8 are WV swirls? 11,12 seem old but could be new like maybe Imperial or Vacor?
  12. Nothing above close a Vitro Helmet. Vitro Helmets
  13. Last week
  14. Painful, but therapeutic. Just discovered that I no longer have a photo of the 21/32" wet mint Peltier silver Wasp with super thick aventurine that I gave away, and I feel better not seeing it anymore.
  15. That last picture seems to be showing a "buttcrack". That doesn't necessarily mean Jabo, but it does happen a lot with Jabos. I can't tell. Could be an error corkscrew. Could be a wonky patch. Could be a very nonbusy swirl.
  16. Hows this its hard to get a ggod pic of the details.
  17. I agree. #12 (near the empty space at #1) does appear to be an Akro Moonie. Cool. Peltier on #3. Need seems or patch ends on #2. Three different views look Vitro, Peltier or Jabo. Jabo on #4. Master on #6. WV swirls on 8, 9, 10 ... no guesses about maker. Well, if it's Alox, it's not techincally a WV swirl, so safer to lump it in with "transparent swirls". (Some of the views on 8 looked Jabo, but one definitely looked older.) I wouldn't call #11 a wirepull. If it's a wirepull then it's European, probably Veiligglas in Amsterdam. And it might turn out to be, but I'm not seeing it. I don't have a guess for it.
  18. Not a Helmet. Maybe a lazy corkscrew, which would be an Akro corkscrew which wanted to cork but didn't make a full twist. Or maybe a Peltier? Or maybe a really lazy swirl? The marble which is looking white in some of these new pix is looking Mastery.
  19. Todays batch, I'm thinking 1 might be a akro moonie? 2,3 might be akro also? 4 maybe jabo? 6 jabo or master? 8 alox swirl? 9 ravenswood purple swirl. 10 swirl but whos I don't know. 11 wire pull but not sure who makes it or if its a wire pull.
  20. 7 isn't a corkscrew I dont think the line dont go around it maybe a helmet? Check pics. The others are swirls except five cant seem to get pics of it. More pics of the cateye I hope these help. Thanks again.
  21. Old pic, but here are some others I've come across over the years Added a few since, and continuously on the hunt so would love to see some more examples
  22. I actually thought you posted a pic of my marble, they could be twins. This one is bigger than the rest, it's a shooter
  23. Awesome marble, one of my favorite styles/types
  24. This is a nice little piece about an accomplished young woman and her proud mother. Read more: Shillington woman whose mother won the first US marbles Championship again takes the crown
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