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  1. I thought it looked like a pretty weird Vitro .. . maybe because it's foreign?
  2. Thanks a lot, Tommy, it sounds like a fun game!
  3. Ric


    How big is the yellow-based one in the first pic? As for the second pic, the one in the back looks like a better possibility for Heaton than the front one, which I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of more pics of.
  4. Yes, a nice later style Vitro All Red
  5. I'd say it's a nice caged cat, and Rick is right, probably the Gladding Vitro era.
  6. It's a new one for me - nice, I like it! Any idea how it's played?
  7. Take a look at your Akros and Masters Tommy, and spin them end-over-end, the seams of Akro often follow one another like ) ) Masters are often more like ) > or even | >, if you get me drift. lol
  8. I'll second those sentiments, Tommy. This is Edna's @sissydear David Salazar I copied from an earlier post.
  9. Welcome. The first marble you show is a Vitro TriLite. In the next photo, there is an Akro Corkscrew (first marble top row) and next to it is of a Vitro Whitie (white with orange ribbons around it), and in the second line-up shot, there is a Viro Blackie (last marble bottom row; red with a black ribbons around it). Can you tell I like Vitros? lol
  10. I have a feeling this one is Akro.
  11. I don't know much china marbles but, in general, one thing to look for is paint over damage, it's not something that would have been done originally, IMO.
  12. I see a couple of stripes that don't terminate at a "seam" or a fold (second pic) so I'm having a tough time convincing myself it's a Pelt. Either way, it looks like a mashup of two globs.
  13. Couple of nice TriLites in the first group and I think that Whitie with gray ribbons in the second group (lower left) is less common - nice finds.
  14. Ric


    You know, that thought did cross my mind but I just don't know enough about Barberton to have any real ideas.
  15. Nice marbles, Joep - the "bubble core" is cool. AV is sometimes a bit more chunky but most times is fine. If you get it in good light it will look like fine sparkles or glittering.
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