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  1. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. This old game looks new. It seems like the marbles would have been stored under that cardboard prior to sale. And if the cardboard has ever been removed, I am surprised someone took the time to put it back in place, since It doesn't really seem to serve any purpose. Have you ever had the cardboard out? Do you think the marbles might still be in there? It's a very cool game. I did some poking around and saw a few other pics of the game online - none of them had the cardboard in place, at least where I could tell.
  2. I'll bet kids would have wanted shoelaces that were associated with marbles!
  3. I'd say so. You're starting to get good at this!
  4. Nice, I have never seen one like it. It looks to be in excellent condition. Is there anything on the back? Just to be sure, I am referring to the second board you posted - surely, it's metal of some sort - any markings on it?
  5. Nice Hop Ching Board (by Pressman). I have one, but I haven't seen many with the box. Do you know who made the tin one?
  6. Do you think these were from when Berry Pink (The Marble King) was still jobbering marbles and not actually producing any of his own? Two-sided Ohio Arts Tin Litho Checkers Board (with marbles and wooden checkers - made in Japan - found in it). I have heard the marbles referred to as "Mt. Fujis".
  7. The hybrid Cat's Eyes are great - sorta underappreciated, IMO. Vitro Blackies:
  8. NIce bags, Al - every header is different, and I hadn't seen the Cat's Eyes before. If it was a "Marble King" mesh bag with Chinese Checker marbles it was probably one of Pink's jobber bags from a time before Marble King actually made marbles. In fact, I can't recall seeing a mesh bag with Marble King marbles in it (although, my memory is not what it used to be, either). Have you ever seen MK marbles in a mesh bag? Al? Marble King Chinese Checkers Poly Bag: I decided it's probably a good idea to add some "key words" with pictures for searching's sake!
  9. For starters, the first two photos are the same so another view might be helpful. I think #2 is Akro, #4 may be Pelt and #5 is a MK Double Ribbon. #6 may be a Champion. I think you called the others!
  10. Tommy, The blue on yellow MKs you show are called Cubscouts. If the ribbons were green they would be Girlscouts. 🙂
  11. Not necessarily odd, but I don't think these are common. I'll have to find it and take better pics.
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