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  1. Friends, I am sorry to report that my dear son and favorite marble buddy, Jake, passed away early Saturday morning. At the moment, all I can muster is a link to his obituary: Jake Richard Anthony (1992-2018). I will be back in due time to post a proper tribute. If anyone wants to start without me, please do. I already miss him beyond words. -Ric
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and be safe out there.
  3. Very nice! I like the less busy side too. It reminds me of Delftware.
  4. Ric


    I have been looking for tracks for years and it looks like one finally showed up - a good looking Bobcat caught by the creek on a trail camera a couple of hundred yards behind the house. Good luck bunnies!
  5. It's something to think about, although it isn't difficult to go from swirls to seams and back again on the same machine either. I've seen it done at JABO. If Alley machines were transferred with the property, I would think MK might just rejigger them and run on. P.S. There are some other nice mibs in there too.
  6. That's a super nice haul - beautiful. The big sparkler types are great.
  7. That one is over the top, Winnie, and big too! Very nice!
  8. That first one is sweet, Winnie. I haven't seen another like it that I recall. All of the others are great too. Thanks to both of you for posting them!
  9. That is an attractive group. They appear to be higher quality examples than many of the Imperials I've seen.
  10. I am in about the same boat as Steph, as far as dates and specific runs, but I like the Classics. I have a few examples of most of them. It looks like you found a good selection with some of the nicer ones. The ones you posted are some of those, for sure. I look forward to following along and trying to learn more with you.
  11. The naked latt is very cool - kinda bird-cagey.
  12. Ric


    It would be a really weird Master IMO. Although, I agree it's a hard one to decipher. After much consideration and consternation I am going with an old Vienna Vitro. I think the colors and the glass fit. It's a nice marble, regardless, and that is my best guess.
  13. Nice, Dave, the marbles look like Vitros to me, and I'd say earlier-mid 40s is about right.
  14. Welcome to the board. I think #1 looks like a Vitro Blackie - I agree with Al and Steph on the others.
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