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  1. Nice Bruce, I really like the boat!
  2. These are West Virginia swirls and I think most of them are Ravenswood. They are known to have mad a lot of marbles on the smaller side.
  3. If I am not mistaken, Vacor has been making marbles for many years - like since the 1930s. I do not think we know too much about their earliest glass marble production and I am not sure many people could definitively identify them - I know I couldn't. I wish I had some verified examples of their early production, because if I did, and I found the marbles attractive, I would probably collect them. Eye appeal is important, but if you don't know anything about the origins of a marble, I think it's value to collectors might be limited.
  4. I guess it depends on what you like and collect. I collect mostly American made marbles, just because that's what I see the most and know the most about. Having said that, I wish I knew a lot more about old Vacor production and the different types of old machine-made marbles from Europe and Asia, because I find some of them really attractive. When, I say, they "don't strike me as being from the USA", I am simply implying is that I don't recognize them as marbles made here.
  5. I agree with Steph, and I think we may be looking at some older Vacors on the other two - I don't know if we have a very good idea of their early production. They have been making marbles for a long time
  6. This is an interesting one, I am thinking it's older and probably not from the USA.
  7. I could see Vacor for 2 and 3 - not sure about #1, but I wouldn't recognize it as American.
  8. I could see older Vacor for 1 (pretty marble), 2 & 4, and maybe 3?
  9. Whatever it is, I think it's an odd one.
  10. I don't think Peltier either, but I am not sure what to think. Many of the marbles you've posted don't strike me as being from the USA.
  11. The first looks like a Peltier Rainbo, the second looks foreign, maybe Asian, but I am not entirely sure, and the third one looks like an Alley to me.
  12. I'm liking this one, Bill. It reminds me of a white wasp: Image copied under CC BY-NC. (Image credit: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos)
  13. I think you had it right. Akro is what I see - the seams tell the story, IMO.
  14. It's a nice group of marbles. Quite a few are made in Europe or Asia. The corkscrew might have a pontil or it might be a transitional - I do not think it is Akro. And you have a real nice selection of German or Veiliglass (Netherlands) Wirepulls. It does appear there are some American made Vitro All Reds in the second and third group pics, and some may be Mega or Vacor marbles from Mexico too. I probably would have bought them for four Euro if I saw them!
  15. The first is a JABO and the second is a Vitro Black Line All Red, and I think the third one is a JABO too.
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