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  1. It's certainly made by Champion at the same time as the Hot Wheels, but it might be what some people would call a Pumkin or a Flame. You can find some recent discussion here
  2. I can't remember if it was Jr. Ice's marble or if he was the guy she tried to sell it to, but I do remember that Jr. was involved. I think I sold Jr. a big overstuffed 4-color St. Mary's Cat's Eye at that show.
  3. NP, Brad, I got a pretty nice brown Alley flame for my touble. lol I've got 335K miles on that Pilot now too!
  4. It was always such a fun time. And the Belleville Inn made it even better!
  5. Ummm, that was me, Brad. ­čść
  6. The first looks like a modern polished stone sphere. The 2nd is an MK Bumble Bee, 3rd is a Peltier Rainbo and the 4th looks like a very nice Vitro Helmet.
  7. This is great, Al. Thank you very much for saving the pic and posting it!
  8. Maybe it's just an Indiana thing, but Charlie Stutsman sold a lot of marbles, far and wide, in the 1990s. I thought he would have been better known.
  9. I may not have been clear, I want to be able to delete one of my own posts within 30 seconds of posting it, and it seems a little odd that I can't. What's the point of not allowing a person to delete their own post?
  10. Wow, Ron, those are great marbles. That first one is Super Popeye! lol
  11. That's a nice story about some really great marbles! Do you think the likelihood that these two marbles were made during different runs is low enough that you'd be comfortable calling them "same run" marbles?
  12. Ric


    I'd say there is a good possibility it's MK, and I find it kind of neat, but not too surprising, that even single color game marbles will often show seams and patterns that are typical of their makers.
  13. I don't know a lot about these types but I'm thinking the core on this one is less common - I like it!
  14. Jumpin' Jimminy, Chad - that's a really great marble!
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