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  1. It's certainly made by Champion at the same time as the Hot Wheels, but it might be what some people would call a Pumkin or a Flame. You can find some recent discussion here
  2. I can't remember if it was Jr. Ice's marble or if he was the guy she tried to sell it to, but I do remember that Jr. was involved. I think I sold Jr. a big overstuffed 4-color St. Mary's Cat's Eye at that show.
  3. NP, Brad, I got a pretty nice brown Alley flame for my touble. lol I've got 335K miles on that Pilot now too!
  4. It was always such a fun time. And the Belleville Inn made it even better!
  5. Ummm, that was me, Brad. 😆
  6. The first looks like a modern polished stone sphere. The 2nd is an MK Bumble Bee, 3rd is a Peltier Rainbo and the 4th looks like a very nice Vitro Helmet.
  7. This is great, Al. Thank you very much for saving the pic and posting it!
  8. Maybe it's just an Indiana thing, but Charlie Stutsman sold a lot of marbles, far and wide, in the 1990s. I thought he would have been better known.
  9. I may not have been clear, I want to be able to delete one of my own posts within 30 seconds of posting it, and it seems a little odd that I can't. What's the point of not allowing a person to delete their own post?
  10. Wow, Ron, those are great marbles. That first one is Super Popeye! lol
  11. That's a nice story about some really great marbles! Do you think the likelihood that these two marbles were made during different runs is low enough that you'd be comfortable calling them "same run" marbles?
  12. Ric


    I'd say there is a good possibility it's MK, and I find it kind of neat, but not too surprising, that even single color game marbles will often show seams and patterns that are typical of their makers.
  13. I don't know a lot about these types but I'm thinking the core on this one is less common - I like it!
  14. Jumpin' Jimminy, Chad - that's a really great marble!
  15. That's a great one to get first!
  16. These are great - well worth rescuing. I think the only people who really frown on polishing are people who can't tell a polished marble from an unpolished one. As long as the marbles are not intentionally misrepresented as original in an effort to dupe such people I have no trouble with it at all - better than turning them into landfill.
  17. Okay, I think I see what you're doing - have they changed Charlie's name for these too? #CA4 - 5/8" RED CLOUDS WITH YELLOW. Bright red with cloudy parts inside. Small streaks of yellow are outside. Red is translucent. A very pretty marble. 35 cents each, 100 only $25.00. Sheesh, you'd think people could pick a name and stick with it for a few decades. lol
  18. hare The only Hot Tamale I recall is a JABO Classic - bright yellow on a transparent red base? I couldn't put my hands on any to show, but here is a pic from Santa's Bling - I'm sure you remember these. Did I miss a Champion version?
  19. This one looks like It's had its fair share of fun, and I'll bet it was a stunner in its youth too!
  20. They're beauties, Chad. It's easy to tell you collect these - they're squeaky clean. All of mine have fallen inro my lap and the vast majority of them are pretty rough.
  21. The 3rd marble in the OP is a Vitro Opal. Ron also posted a few earlier.
  22. Just to be clear, I am talking about a specific type of Vitro marble here - an Opal, and not about opalescent glass or opalescence, in general.
  23. I am not really sure, Rick, but consider this: A single run could last for hours or days, maybe even weeks, depending on what they are making. Over the course of the run, things might change a bit, and marbles produced at the end of the run might look a bit different than those at the beginning of the run, and could be referred to as "end of run" marbles. How exactly you might know this, or which end of the run corresponds to which marbles, without actually being there, is above my pay grade. And I think the term is pretty useless with regards to machine-made marbles. Hybrids on the other hand occurred when they were switching base or striping glass to make a different color scheme. Imagine Marble King changing from green to blue striping glass while keeping the yellow (think bumblebee) base glass flowing - the hybrids would be blue green and/or blue and green ribbons, depending on the particulars, I guess. Of course, all of this is IMO.
  24. Wow, you have found some great marbles in the past few months. The bags are newish but you could probably get a better idea of a date by looking up when they changed the choking hazard warning from 3 yrs to 5 yrs (it may even be 6 yrs now). It looks like someone had some NOS and managed to get $12 a bag for it, and there are some pretty nice marbles in there. But the marble that grabbed my attention is this one: from this pic: Any chance you could show me some more of it?
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