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  1. I was the one who sent the email about This Auction. To me that is not an Orangeade ( spelled orange ade in the auction ). As you can see by the $2.99 ending price the bidding community seemed to agree. I wasn't trying to start an argument but I thought this auction would confuse newer collectors. Next marble show ask around and get the consensus. I asked the Hardys via email "Are all 'ade' marbles from Akro Agate fluorescent?" and this was their reply "Most of them would we are certain, but we usually do not test marbles to see if they fluorescent." As a collector of fluorescent marble
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    lots of Ades

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    Happy Halloween
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    Akro Orangeades

    Handfull of Akro Agate Orangeades..
  5. Just heard the news. I spent many years meeting up with Les at the shows. I've watched his girls grow up. Most of my best marbles in my keeper box originated from him. I can remember many a time he would close the door to the room and pull out that special box full of the primo keeper marbles. Was bummed to hear he wasn't able to make it to Amana and found out about the accident there. I was able to get a card signed... He taught me things about marbles that I would never find in any book. I won't soon forget greatmarbles Les.. Jeff Raczynski fluorescent marble collector....
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