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    Winners List 1932 to 2010.pdfThere seems to have been a few problems with the list of winners and the layout, so I have saved it as pdf – I hope that this solution work for you all. Member 99marbles131 mentioned that the American team from 2000 was not on the list, this is easily solved. The British and World Marbles Championship is a team event, teams of six players take part and the highest scorer in the first round go onto play in the individuals. When we have international teams come over we hold a separate ‘International tournament’ for the Fenn Cup, This cup presented by Percy Fenn, in memory of his late father who came to England from New York many years before. This cup was first played for in 1953. As Internationals are held only occasionally they have not been added to the main list but can be found in my article on ‘International Marbles at Tinsley Green’ as it has been on the marble museum web site for quite a long time, this has not been amended to cover the International tournament in 2000. My new web site greyhoundmarbles.com has lots about Tinsley Green and others marbles events and will soon be hosting an updated page to cover the 2000 international. Until I can post it this is what it’s going to say. "In 2000 Jeff Kimmell who runs the US Marble Championships in Middletown, Maryland brought over 10 players ranging in age from 14 to 35. Most of these players were champions of some sort or another After the main event we had a three way International competition Britain, Germany and the USA the results were USA 6 points, Britain 3 points and Germany nil. After the International there was a fun challenge match between Robbie Nicholson and the Individuals champion ‘Monny’ (Simon Monahan), which meant that Robbie could say he had beaten a world champion." Regards Sam McCarthy-Fox
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