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  1. Thanks marboman, good advice. And yes, when attacked, unprovoked, we do go off! We don't run from fights, we go toe to toe. And how about that Merryewather/Ortiz bout, was that fun, or what? And I'm definitely looking out for those Vitros you like - you still have dibs. the weather here has cooled - opened the windows overnight just Tuesday for the first time since last May. Surgery helped? Wasn't elective. lol Bust your hip Sat, in surgery Sun. Out to the re-hab facility by Tue. Cardiologists live like paupers next to the orthopedists, out here. Hated it, hip rehab. Came home to home health care, dislocated my hip on the way to the can. No additional surgery, though. Just knocked me out and popped it back in. All good now.
  2. Aha! A birther! Kinna figured you for a teapartier....lol, (jk) Truce! I already posted my CDL in these forums, not that who I am is anyone's business. And no secret that we're noobs collecting only since April - been posted over and over. Got no fight with you, but start with us and you get both barrels - literally (mine and grams,lol). When the member who comes out here to help with our IDing gets back home, he can post how he met the whole family. But all this personality crap is not why we're here. "Just the marbles, ma'am, just the marbles." - Joe Friday
  3. Heard of mountain oysters....too salty for my taste.
  4. up to a $250 bonus (pro-rated, based on the % of unsorted marbles left over vs sorted marbles during the 2 days - that's fair, right? So 50% of un sorted marbles, sorted, earns 50% of the bonus or $125, and so on - computed by volume - weight or cu ft of marbles - your pick) to meet with my dad in Palm Desert, CA @ Gram's house for 2 days & sort my marbles.(believe me, there's 2 days work!) PLUS Consider, wholeheartedly, any mutually agreeable trades (could be worth the trip right there!) You can kick it on the couch (or camp on the golf course or stay at Motel 6 or the Marriott - its your money) and good eats on me too - Mexican food or tacos or burritos, anything you want - chile rellenos, even, anything on the truck - nothing but the best! (Sorry, no latkes or gefilte fish - hey what's with my spellcheck?? Tried to change gefilte to filter! lol) Of course expect to be strip searched on the way out and Oh yeah, I'm lookin for someone who answers marble ID posts, not someone who posts them - no offense. WHY DID THIS THREAD WIND UP IN THE SQUABBLE ZONE? ITS A LEGIT OFFER, STILL STANDING, THAT BELONGS IN GENERAL MARBLE & GLASS CHAT. IF SOMEONE HAS SOME OTHER RIDICULOUS PROBLEM WITH IT (I CANT IMAGINE WHAT PROBLEM WE HAVENT ALREADY GONE TO MATTRESSES OVER, AD NAUSEM), PLEASE PM ME ABOUT IT, OTHERWISE, GET OFF OF MY CLOUD! - Mick Jagger PS This also goes to those (you know who you are) who started the trouble the first time around. PEACE!!! I'm phbern1917 on eBay - check me out, please, before running your mouths, thanks.
  5. I'm Jonathan, 12 years old. I'm the marble collector. I'm too young to register at a website. I'm to young to post diddly w/o my gram's (honeybern's) permission. honeybern is my great grandmother. My big brother, Jeremy (nearly 15 years old, my CFO and silent partner) doesn't post anything as this is all beneath him, until we start talking $$$$$$$$$$$$$, his sole interest. Grams does my eBay bidding as phbern1917. So, basically, me n grams are tag-teaming this forum. I type (she can't) but as I do so, I say what I'm typing, aloud, and grams is in my ear saying, "Yeah, yeah and say this and say that..." and so on. Any questions?
  6. Cerium Oxide, rules! I got a 1 lb jar of it from a shower door place and use it as a slurry for light polishing on mibs with my Dremel and the thick, small dia polish pads well soaked in water so the CerOx doesn't dry out so quick. I use it for > 2 mins on NM+ or better mibs to counteract light pocket wear - doubles wetness on some mibs in 30 secs or so at just < 20k rpm. Way better than turtle wax or Renaissance Wax. Great on knives, too! But I wouldnt try polishing a knife on a tri-head...and, for anyone trying this at home, a deep mixing bowl a MUST with a Dremel or similar rotary tool with the CerOX at the bottom and a little water...unless you want you and everything around you coated in a CerOx wash. :music-rocker-001: Though its way more punk rock w/o the bowl.
  7. Cool, did you build it? Diamond pads seem more sensible than the plans for the one with just wooden dowels doing the polishing.
  8. "An honingst to goodnisk Popeye Patch??? Well, blow me down!" - Popeye the Sailor, Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali "Marbles" Baba
  9. Apparently these mibs gained status with Baumann (or his publisher) sometime between the 3rd and 4th eds as in the lessor ed they were simply pictured on the "oxbloods" page (plate 41) although, not so much status, it seems, to bother to note that 1 of these "opaque sparklers" just happened to be transparent. Clear as a baby's clear blue sky (a bit of a bubbly one but clear, nonetheless). "Click" to actually enlarge. "Skuze me, whilst I kiss de sky" - Jimi Hendrix, "Are You Experienced?" An please skuze the inverted scan. (@ Troglodytes and Neanderthals-that means up-side down)
  10. A happy, happy Golden Rebel. No, I did NOT take these pics but it IS my mib.
  11. No fair! "Fractal" wasn't even in your mfgr's link list for this thread!!!
  12. Thet thar don' looks like no butt cracks I never seens. But never mind fer now. Mm hm. - Carl Childers, Sling Blade
  13. Here's a new one. From the Hardest Working Marble In Show Business, James Blue and the Flame-i-est Flame!Even the flames have flames! (Wisht it were mints, tho) About 60+ flame tips between blue and white flames. Maybe more...26+ in first pic.
  14. Yeah but so many lots were such garbage I all but quit messing with them. Only 2nd large lot for me in several months. I got this one cuz the price wound up under 25 cents per and saw a couple possibilities in it. No cats eyes and older looking mibs.
  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm could be..... ....this lot of 14 lbs has yielded these mibs from the first two baggies of about 100 mibs, each. The Liberty and Ketchup n Mustard are each wet mint and 11/16" and the red transparent Pelt multi-color, near mint, wet with a couple of pinpricks, is a fat 3/4"! Also pictured, Mint- Akro Indian Blanket cork, NM-M MK bumble bees, a clearM- Pelt clown (clear with blk/wht/yel/org patch? my 1st, maybe), naked ribbon, a collectable solid core naked swirl, a Mint very light green or amber or yellow (?) transparent based Pelt multicolor, M Akro orange w/black edged green cork, NM+ Akro Cherry Ade or Carnelian shooter & more including these. Still 100-200 from the bags these came from un-IDd and or lessor mibs. 14 baggies, above, still unexplored! Yay! There might be a god (of marbles, anyhow), after all!!
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