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  1. demismom

    Online Abbreviations?

    I keep seeing all these abbreviations when ya'll are talking about marbles, especially when someone posts a picture and I don't have a clue what you're talking about. Is there a list somewhere? Angela
  2. demismom

    Hybrid Marble King Watermelon

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. I'm trying to decide if I want to start collecting again or not. We have a nice starter collection for our 7 year old daughter, she seems interested, but she likes everything Daddy collects. You know, a Daddy's little girl and everything. Marble King just never was our thing back in the day. We liked Christensen, Akro and Peltier the most. Never could get into hand mades either. Had a couple of nice colored sulphides once, should have kept those, but it was hard to turn down the money offered on them. One was green and the other amber, I think, they were nice sized ones too and I believe they both had a little girl in them, if memory serves me right. Angela
  3. demismom

    Is There A Way To Change Username?

    Thank you so much - I really appreciate it!
  4. demismom

    Hybrid Marble King Watermelon

    MC Marbles - I wasn't sure if that was allowed or not, so I didn't post the link because I didn't want to upset anyone. I just figured if anyone was interested they'd either message me or ask on the board and I could tell them the number. I appreciate it.
  5. demismom

    Hybrid Marble King Watermelon

    Thank you everyone for the discussion. We decided to go ahead and list it on ebay tonight and see what happens! We were told by someone that the yellow actually makes this marble not worth a lot of money, so I think it'll be interesting to see where the bidding ends up. If anyone wants anymore info on the marble our friend Dan Grocki saw it in person tonight, I'm sure he wouldn't mind giving you his honest opinion on it. Decatur, IL? I think we used to go to a show there, I know we used to go to Ottawa, IL and South Beloit, WI, we also used to go to the New Philadelphia, Ohio and Cincinatti OH, such fond memories. I remember our friend Art, and RIP Ray, Chuck and Diane, RIP Les, and a slew of others I can't remember their names anymore. The room to room thing was always my favorite part of going to the shows.
  6. demismom

    Hybrid Marble King Watermelon

    Would they have deliberately run a marble with these colors? In talking with Jim last night it seems we are confusing "hybrid" and "error" marbles. A hybrid Popeye is collectible because of the extra color, but is a Marble King that has an extra color just an error and not really a hybrid?
  7. Ugh. My husband set up the registration and really shouldn't have, as you can tell his grasp on propper English leaves much to be desired. I'd like to have the apostrophe removed, but can't find where that can be done. Any suggestions? Thanx - Angela
  8. demismom

    Hybrid Marble King Watermelon

    Yes, that is oxblood, forgot to mention that! I miss collecting marbles - our young daughter is showing interest, so if there are still shows in the upper midwest we might start attending again!
  9. Hello - Jim and I used to collect/sell marbles years ago, used to attend alot of the shows, but started a family, sold the collection, etc. Well, we still find marbles from time to time and yesterday he ran across a hybrid MK Watermelon, it has yellow in it, in addition to the green and red. It's really a nice looking marble, I'd be willing to call it a wet mint marble. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the value? I hope I included a couple of pictures of it. I hope it works, I've tried previewing them after attaching them to the post, but nothing comes up in the description when I do that..