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  1. Sorry for the delay, here is another angle of #5
  2. That's good. My plan if they arrcworth anything is to try to sell them, but if they aren't, then I just keep them,since I only have two jars of them and they don't take up much space.
  3. here is another picture of them, but it is blurry. #1has two seam lines that aren't quite opposite. #2 also has two seams that are opposite. #3 I can't tell where its seam is. #6 also has two seam lines that are opposite, and so does#7.
  4. I have some more marbles that I know nothing about. All except the yellow marble they look nice and shinny. Does that mean that they are new,or just in really good shape?
  5. I am very new to marbles, and therefore don't know much. Somebody recently gave me about 100 marbles. I really need some help!! I will add another picture of them in another post, because my pictures are to big.
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