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  1. Hello I was wondering if the red is oxblood the size is .723 any help would be appreciated thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks Steph, is there a name for the bottom multicolored one?
  3. Second set of the day. I believe these four to be Imperials. Any help would be appreciated thanks for looking have a Marbelous day.
  4. Hello first of two today the first one I think are this Akro,Master,Vitro,???. Any help would be appreciated thanks for looking have a Marbelous day.
  5. Thanks steph I was getting a Christensen vibe from that one and the one above it (yellow &red). The first two have been giving me Champion vibes. You know I really enjoy collecting and learning about these beautiful little pieces of art and the help I get from you and others are a great blessing. Have a good day.
  6. Yeaaaaaaah I finally got one. Thanks steph it was very hard to get a good enough pic but thanks again.
  7. Hello I am wondering if this qualifys for what people call a eyelash plus I think its a Akro or Vitro not sur either any help would be appreciated thanks for looking.
  8. Im not sure what happened to the post getting put up multiple times.
  9. Hello I got these three here I believe the first one to be an Master and the second and third Akros but I could be wrong.
  10. Hello here are 4 I'm having trouble with any help would be appreciated thanks for looking.
  11. Close ups it does look like a Marble King but then a Peltier but the deep blue reminds me of an Alley blue.
  12. Nice Thanks again Steph. It has a home now.
  13. Thanks steph ill put the odd ball with the rest of the oddballs until it finds a home.
  14. Yes I did and let me tell you I don't own any that react to it I bought the light months ago. I turned out the lights and hit it with the blacklight it lite up like a lightning bug I almost swear that it lite up the room. So to answer your question Yes. Light on, light off, light on back up.
  15. Anyone see anything else besides Vitro. I believe they all are except one. So any help would be appreciated thanks for looking.
  16. Hello I have three here im in odds over 1 swirl 2 akro 3 master or 4 jabo, jabo, akro or 5 none of the above. Any help would be appreciated thanks for looking. The swirl is .895 the yellow and red is .886 the green glow worm is .735.
  17. I got these with a bunch of vintage marbles. Thanks for the help the closet to these I found had pictures on the white parts one said koko. Im going to stick them with the Pelts. Number three has crimp marks on each end if that helps. Thanks again Steph.
  18. PROrtiz212


    Sorry dont know why it s showing up three times. This happened before also.
  19. These three I believe are Pelts but number 3 seems a little off could it be an Akro?
  20. Hello how is everyone today I hope all are well. The pictures say it all. I have found homes for two if theses. 1 Peltier and 1 Alox. The rest well I got a bottle of Excedrin next to me just in case with that being said any help would be appreciated. Thanks for looking have a good day.
  21. Good eye Steph. I'll pay more attention to that point. Thank you.
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