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  1. 1 hour ago, machinemades said:

    Following Chad’s post, yes,  Blue Zebras exist. There is an early Miller version, which I have never seen containing any aventurine. Those are typically larger size, always with very attractive, gorgeous patterns. Blue ribbons on white base. NLR version is as attractive and maybe a bit easier to find. Those contain heavy blue aventurine and are magnificent marbles.

    Thanks Sami !!

  2. 14 minutes ago, Fire1981 said:

    As soon as she lays an egg I’ll get another pic. My pics need some work.

    Try the search bar here & on AAM, there are a myriad of opinions, I noted already on your other post (Blue zebra ?) what was stated in Sami's book and what I seen in the pictures, I have everything + but a Blue Zebra. The "Pelt" most wanted list is a long one !! Guess in my case it has wings instead of 4 legs or both & may take a while to wrangle.

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  3. I don' t have one but I just looked at Sami Arim's book on Peltiers & there's one pic of a blue Zebra in the "Two color NLR" section & one pic in the "Aventurine" section.  In both cases blue ribbons on a white base, one without any visible av and one absolutely loaded. I have a bunch of zebras w/ blue av., no av.,  bronze av., green av. & silver av as well as mixed but as yet no "Blue Zebra" I went to the "Peltier info site" but no pic of one there as well, only place I personally seen an actual example is in Sami's book. I believe a "True Blue Zebra" has blue ribbons on a white base, not sure if av is a qualifier ?? If it has blue ribbons I'd guess it's a Blue Zebra, maybe Sami will post on this matter ??



  4. Akro silver ox, some Akro carnelians, corks, a few Handmades, and the Pelts "might" be pine needles ??  Look for av on the green ribbons. Might be somethin hiding as always ??


    To be considered a "Pelt pine needle" it has to contain av in the green ribbons, If not just a Pelt Rainbo. here's a little closer look at the possible needles !!  A HTF Pelt !!


    Possible "Champion hotwheels" (upper L side of second pic)


  5.       image.png.2b90f14d29aec224f785c47877c9e638.png                   "Happy Akro Friday"                      image.png.8b502f2ec332fa5ec94c4a0d547f4b43.png


                               A few pix I forgot to post last week from the box of Akroware 





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  6. On 10/20/2021 at 9:42 AM, Steph said:

    I posted this in another thread today.  I'm adding it here, with permission from Joanne Singleton.   This is sample box of early Masters is correctly filled.   

    (I have also added this box to the original post in the thread, because I want it to be easy to find.)


    Thank you for the easy find approach Steph  :wave2: I've looked for this pic several times !!

  7. I forgot the "name" a "transparent base NLR" some call them "6 finger" not to be confused with Vitro (which many are including me) maybe that's why I don't personally use the term when talking about this Pelt.   :fighting-109:  ....  :blink:  !!

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  8. Sorry for the delay !! Here are a few pix of what I believe to be a red base Pelt cat. Size is 9/16ths as described in Elizabeth Kempski's book "The World of Cat's Eye Marbles" It may be MK but the construction says to me Pelt, resembling a banana cat. If anyone has a different I.D. for this cat other than Pelt "please" post, I've had 1 of these many years, & acquired the other last week,  I had no idea of the manufacture till I read Elizabeth's book, it only gives 2 possible manufactures, Pelt or MK, there are some unknown foreign made but they are all larger. I believe these to be Pelt. At least the basic construction says Pelt to me ??






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  9. I have a couple Peltier cats in a red transparent base. I didn't even know who made then until Elizabeth Kempski mentioned them in her new book as being a HTF cat, I'll see what page and post a pic after I get back from Church (Promise) I have some blue based 1" also; Oh wait I have an old pic of one of the Pelt red cats and both blue bases. The pelt cats are all 19/32nds I believe ??  I was lead to think the red one was German but learned differnt after reading Elizabeths book. May be a while I have to find it in her book & on what page !!

    I found it, pg. 54 of Elisabeth's book. Peltier red based cats were confirmed as being found  by Gino Biffany at the 2007 Amana marble show. Peltier & MK both made a red base version, Peltier being the rarer of the two, 9/16ths for a size which is exactly what mine are. At least I hope mines the pelt version, either way I'm happy to have found so rare a cat all the way over here !! In fact I found 3 of them, now to find my little "marble helpers" stash to get more pix of the older ones as shown in the pic. I just looked it has the exact same banana shape if not more so than Bills pink examples.

    An old pic for now, the blue may be common I'm not sure but believe them to be some manner of foreign cat ??




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