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  1. Can't say I remember any specific food except when we got steak William. Everything else I covered with the hot sauce that was readily available on every table every meal "El Tapatio" if I remember right ?? I worked my mandatory 90 days in the mess (chow) hall, as soon as you come onboard you are required a 90 day stint. 4 meals a day, the one extra was called "midrats" (midnight rations) for guys working the midnight shift. So 5200 people times 3 meals a day = 15,600 plates a day ( + midrats). My first job was guess where ?? in the scullery (dishwashing area) of which I handled every plate individually, so when I hear the dishwasher at the restaurant complaining about being busy they really don't even come close or have any idea !! First thig after I was onboard we went on what is called a "Westpac" I can't really remember if it was 6 or 9 months, a tour of the western hemisphere Hawaii, the Philippine's, Africa, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc... with 90 days of sea trials in the Indian Ocean.  Wish I would have stayed in for my 20 & got retirement but I was young and had thoughts of other things.


    Scored my biggest piece of Akro this week, a large footed dart planter & 3 octagonal opalescent U.V. small tea set pieces no chips or flaws under $35.oo for all 4 pieces. I have a grateful Antique dealer that I've done a few favors for & now the return. Who knows, maybe I'll get some succulents & plant them, that or a cactus since the planter has no drain. No mibs this week but some from a friend on the way.










  3. 2 hours ago, I'llhavethat1 said:

    Looks kinds Pelty to me

    You may have something there, all the Popeye and Akro talk kinda took me off on a rabbit trail, an obscure example either way !! It does look kinda like a MCR, the whispy white strands have me stumped ?? Hmm !!

  4. 7 minutes ago, Tommy said:

    And so it begins again back to the vitro boxes.   :evil-grin-smileys-111:

    Not to worry, everyone is doing the same thing, they just won't admit it !!   Hyaah :evil-grin-smileys-111:   Wait are those vitro, or Akro ? :lol-016::evil-grin-smileys-111:...............................................:evil-grin-smileys-111:..........................................................:evil-grin-smileys-111: ............................................................................endless

  5. 7 hours ago, Tommy said:

    Thank you Ron...I learned something again today.....I'm so glad you share the history I think it makes the collecting more interesting and important..


    Hah !! looks like more  :lol-016::evil-grin-smileys-111: ....:Panic:....:deadhorse:....:confused-smileys-327: ....&....repeat....threepeat....etc.......................

  6. 20 hours ago, Gina Macias said:

    Believe me, cats refuse to allow you to do anything they don’t approve of, I’m thinking they are secretly our overlords! Dogs are so much more accommodating, I love them all! 

    Overlords 🤣 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't breath I'm laughing so hard, Overlords  🤣 .......  :badgrin:  ...... You're crackin me up !!!!!!!!! And we are their unassuming underlings 🤣  ..... good grief, I can't take it any more ..... 🤣....🤣................................. Wait !! vI think I spotted one ; Look !! there it is image.png.a90115fc98d00ae9e5a955aa56be4324.png......................overlords.............🤣..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 52 minutes ago, Peltier Mibber said:

    Chad, was that the Enterprise you were on?

    Yes, Did I tell ya already ?? I was a Machinist Mate, I worked in a nuclear engine room. I got on the Enterprise (CVN - 65) in Alameda right after their refueling in Bremerton WA. around 1979 - 80. How did you Know mibber ?? I must be giving out my secrets & not remembering !! Maybe I absorbed a bit more radiation than they told me ?? Causing severe memory loss !

    Maybe this is what happened to me ?? I should have checked my Dosimeter more often.


    WoW !! I had no idea it was decommissioned, I must be getting old !!


  8. 12 minutes ago, Gina Macias said:

    Mum spent 6D19C3F2-2298-4E6B-BFB0-1726196AB891.thumb.jpeg.c88670d4566136e331b4e1e362ef3da0.jpegso much time, sorting through bags, so I’m here to help!

    Ah !! I see you have one also !! I have 2 marble counting partners, that is I can count on looking for marbles after they are present & I don't keep an eye on them.

    The leader of the deceptive duo "Tubby" 


    And his mother and instigator "Sissy" As you know we can't let those innocent eyes fool us (or can we ?? )

    Notice the absence of any marbles around them for some strange reason !!


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  9. I still think it's a Jabo, if so $1.00, maybe that's why the came down from 390.00 to $130.00 so fast, that's over 2/3 of asking !! I'd definitely wait for others to chime in on this one "I" believe it to be a very common "Jabo" it has all the characteristics of one. A high price doesn't always mean a rare marble, I always look at their other items as well and see if the same carries through all their items !! I just looked at their store "Do Not Buy This Marble" : https://www.ebay.com/itm/143999985188?_trkparms=  : I would bet on it being a Jabo, no way a Christensen, a ripoff same with their other marbles, even if the naming is correct the prices are jacked up 400 percent or more, I thought I recognized that mib. They are flagged as Questionable sellers on the other forum for a reason. Glad I looked !!

  10. 9 minutes ago, Gina Macias said:

    Well from the gallery page, you have a fabulous collection. You know what I was confusing Popeyes with and they look nothing alike-bullseyes. Yes, thank you for the links, I have been drooling over his marbles too. 


    Thank you, yes the marbles & everything else in my gallery albums is from my collection !!  I hope the info comes in handy for you Gina ?? I try to draw and pass on info from trustworthy & known sources but everyone makes a boo - boo once in a while. If you use the search bar we have, almost anything marble related will pop up with several posts, some are old but still viable & quite accurate.

  11. 3 hours ago, Gina Macias said:

    I love that yellow slag. Do you also own that yellow layered sand you showed me? So beautiful, I just hate when they mislabel and mislead. I will find a real MF Christensen one day. My quest is not complete! 



    No I don't own the layered sand. I don't collect Christensen anymore, I stuck with Alley, Peltier, Akro & German handmades and a few other transitional & machine made manufacturers. I sold. traded & gave away all the Christensen I had away last year except for a few. The Christensen layered sand I showed a picture of belongs to "Bob Block" who runs the MCSA  (Marble Collectors Society of America)  site.

    I believe the marble is still for sale ?? I'll give the link again. His phone number is posted there & contact info. I have talked with him several times on the phone and he was only to happy to answer my questions. Ebay user id and link is also there if you want to view his mibs & stuff he has for sale, 90% marbles.

    LINK https://www.marblecollecting.com/marble-collectors-society-of-america/



  12. 32 minutes ago, Gina Macias said:

    It does about Popeyes, but now the Akro “Liberty” how many variations can there be? I had a positive ID before I bought mine, so is this really an Akro Liberty?





    It looks like an Akro corkscrew to me, but it appears it "might" have a translucent (semitransparent) white "Ace" colored base glass. Still "I" would consider it a liberty, a bit harder to find than the normal opaque white. If you want to be sure on the white you can backlight it and see, a translucent base will allow light but no defined shapes through. if it does it's not opaque but translucent, kind of a moot point at this stage but nice for you to know. As far as color combinations & variations they are "endless" if you can imagine it, Akro more than likely made it & everywhere in between. Corkscrews are great to collect, you'll never come to a point where you can say you have every color or combination thereof. 

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