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  1. I thought I was the lone ranger when it came to Chinese checkers boards and bags, the bag I have is like a cheesecloth type of material and has begun to unwind so I don't move it much, glad to see so many great examples, I really like the one I'llhavethat1's cardboard or chip board or like he said, "whatever it's made of" board, cool lookin, I've never seen one like it. All good each and every one a great piece of history, my little nieces and nephews didn't even know how to paly checkers till I taught them, funny how many things change over time with only a few taking any note. That old cardb
  2. No kidding, they probably got into scuffles over them.
  3. Cats I get confused on most of the time ?? Transitional's look Japanese from here to me, "not American Agate"
  4. No, and like I said Ric I can't really remember wish I could, if for sure MK or not, just that I had them and after the move they where gone, along with a few other choice items.
  5. For some reason there seems to be a lack of activity both here & AAM , maybe everyone is waiting for taxes or something?? Both forums have about the same amt. of new members, that's about all that's holdin steady, oh well ups and downs. Dead of Winter you'd think the forums would be smokin?? in the mean time we need a masked emoji !! is there one ??
  6. Righto Tommy these last 2 are Akro, I had a real time discerning the Akro patches from other patches, sometimes still do. You're doin great on the I.D.'s man, every once in a while I run into one that's so close, I can't really tell, but yes these last 2 are Akro. Chad G.
  7. Hello Roby if you see this your pm is full and won't accept any messages, I tried to mess. you but it won't let me
  8. I thought he was talking about blue ribbons on a white base, my bad, that's where I was going. In other words there is no MK blue bee!! I don't believe ? Blue bees are the first he mentioned, so I went for those and spaced giving him the names of the others. There are MK bumble bees, red bees and wasps & hybrids for each and almost every other one. I'm gonna stop there to avoid marble overload, T.M.I.
  9. You're welcome Brother, I do believe I'm hooked "again" I been bit so many times by the marble bug it's beginning to look like I have a rash.
  10. Yes !! The Mk names are a little different in some cases than peltier but basically run along the same lines, not sure about the MK blue bee name, the pelt blue bee signifies Blue av. and a slight bluish bleed over of blue from the ribbons to the yellow base glass, not positive but I believe this is some sort of chemical reaction.
  11. I'm totally cereal, We'll see when the Olympics roll around this year and my team is standing proudly at the podium embracing their gold medal with me in the background beaming with pride Chad G. Olympic Synchro. team Coach & Advocate
  12. I recently was introduced to and got my first polymers, now have many more on the way, some great patterns and colors with some already made & others made to my size specifications & color schemes, I'll post the few pics I have now with many more to come. These were made by "Dave Becker" { Blackhawk Agates} I have two custom made 16 count boxes all with layered flame styles in different color schemes coming. The smaller pic of the red flame is one from the 2 new boxes. The sign was made by a good friend of mine, he made 20 or 30, 'I can't really remember" a couple of them for each type
  13. A very underrated mib in "My opinion" some of the best flame patterns I've ever seen made completely by accident I can't get enough of this thread, some great mibs fer sure. Chad G.
  14. Find the pix of Veiligglas flames, just type Veiligglas into the search "some killer lookin mibs" hard to find not beat & with the killer flame pull pattern, There is an outstanding post from last year I can't put my finger on it right now, you found this you'll find it. There's 2 15/16ths killerv Veiligglas pulls on Ebay right now I just looked at tonight, both green & white.
  15. All newer looking to me Tommy !! Anything with the oily carnival glass looking finish like the one on the bottom L and a couple others I see there with the sheen are more than likely a newer Mega or a Vacor no matter the color or surface design they put on the glass.
  16. I'd be the coach of the guys on top in green Steph. Thought you'd recognize me from my picture Yes I taught them everything they know, just look at those moves "Sweeet perfection" Talk about synchronization !! I've been working on their routine for years, and it's looking like all that hard work is finally paying off. "I can almost taste that Olympic Gold"
  17. The last mesh bags I had sprouted wings during a move. Can't even remember what they were, Marble King I believe ?? Chinese Checker bags are hard to come by unopened, kids had a real affinity for them, nice survivor Ric
  18. x 2, I agree with Steph, Vitro : The base glass & the entire construction are different Bruce, rainbows mostly have one color of ribbons, Vitro's are more a "patch design" & application. This one has green and red, besides being different colors the ribbons or colors don't meet on the opposing side, a rainbow always meets itself even if a fat ribbon on one side and a split on the other side, a general observation, there are always exceptions to the rule in mibs. I can't elaborate anymore I'll confuse myself
  19. That blue base quad twist is crazy nice assortment Tommy only 999, 999,999 colors to go to half way. I'll be posting on Saturday this round, a little slow on the draw, burning my candle at 3 ends right now!!! By the way "Nice Mibs"
  20. Talk about attention to detail, smart marketing on their behalf.
  21. "Welcome Samfoy" There are many hundreds of posts and links here for you to look at, pictures and provenance to read up on. Go to "Steph's study hall" or the "Marble Identification" headers here on site, click on them and glean away, enough to keep you busy for hours and hours, you don't need to go anywhere but this site. If you have any Questions please just post them like you did already and one of us will be more than happy to help in any way we can or direct you to someone who can. "Steph" is the moderator here and has & still does help me with questions, directions and or navigati
  22. Ah the first game is the one I just bought with the green Alley glass cup and also a kids lotto a double game box, I couldn't find it anywhere, good to see the other half, I'll be posting my tiddlywinks & lotto game hopefully this weekend. :thanks Ric"
  23. My buddy's supposed to be here this weekend so I'm taking every pic possible.
  24. Boy that card board is nothin like todays. Look how long it's held up "good show Ric"
  25. Also Akro corkscrews, man new bulb is working well, great pics
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