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  1. Well !! after over 20 years of lugging this thing around I found out what this thing was, A Vidrio fan base. The Vidrio company had their own glass manufacturing plant & made a wide variety of things. Fan bases, gear shift knobs, cigarette lighters etc... So glad I stumbled onto this site, I'll post a few of my "anchor" and then the link & a few pics from the site to spark your interest. LINK : https://www.afcaforum.com/forum1/52516.html PICS OF THE PUZZLE PIECE I LUGGED AROUND FOR OVER 20 YEARS UNDER A BLACKLIGHT THE THING LIGHTS UP LIKE THE SUN, I BELIEVED IT WAS
  2. Good only a few bucks was alright for them you did ok William, personally I just buy what I like anyway & try not to get to carried away, but sometime I wonder ??
  3. The Killers, great idea on mib stands, I'm a sucker for Alleys to, you're gettin into some great mibs
  4. Agreed Bill, I guessed Alley so did Chuck G., that's 3 of us for the no Pelt vote. All cannonballs I've ever seen have been opaque as well. Thanks for gettin back & postin
  5. Talked w/ another long term Pet collector & Agree, not a Pelt. Still all opinions matter !! The characteristics i.e. Translucent almost transparent green base, chunky av., the white looking swirls on the outside ( & swirling inside) the pitting filled w/ brick residue or ash & the lack of any real Pelt structure all are pointing to Alley for "me". Most likely a relative of the Green or Blue Giant as I have seen smaller examples of both from 5/8ths on up, of both. The Giants also exhibit the characteristic non mint surface which I believe is from the incompatibility between the
  6. Speak of the.... Maybe you have an opinion on the "Rainbo cannonball" question Bill ?? Not like we haven't been over this before........
  7. Thanks Ric, a couple spring Salmon caught out of the Columbia river a few 5 or 6 years back. The person on the (R) was my best & closest friend Don now passed & his son Brian on the left. I already had one in the bag so took a pic of them. Glad I did, some great memories for sure. I have literally thousands of fish pix, there's some more I posted a bit back on the "Lounge" thread. Getting old & stove up now, bank fishing is about all I can do, the Elk hunting and prolonged boat fishing trips are very few & far between anymore. Waiting for the Steelhead opener on the 16th of thi
  8. All the cannonballs I've seen were Pelt NLR's. Looking at the flow of the glass & lack of seams in the backlit pix on top of the chunky av. I'm not 100% so sure it's a Pelt. (Rainbo or NLR) It exhibits more Alley characteristics with the chunky av. etc... If it is a Pelt "Rainbo cannonball" would be a first for me, but there are always firsts. I'll talk with a couple Pelt head friends & see what they think on this matter. A cannonball is on what I'd call, opaque "Pelt Zebra" base glass & you can't see through it backlit like that "But" a Rainbo is most commonly green or clear glass
  9. A few toy cars I like, these are a few of my favorites. I have a bunch of older ones but like these best, most of them are cars remind me of my childhood. Some are older some are almost new, not buying for value just what I like. I have dreams of owning one of these 69 Road Runners or a 69 GTO judge convertible. I had a 69 GTO coupe that I foolishly sold because I didn't trust myself with all that horsepower. Who would have thought they would ever be this hard to get ahold of let alone the price. Most of these were common when I was a kid, those were truly the good old d
  10. Finally got a couple wall mount displays, made a little more room only problem is their already full. Started out like this !! A few days later !! I squeezed in another 100 but that's it, the shelf on the bottom is now stuffed as well. I was short a few shelf supports so the display company sent another whole display saying they don't send partials so now I have one more to fill as soon as I get to it, quite the undertaking, leveling & bolting it to the wall. Then it's time to work the mibs in. I can already feel my neck & bac
  11. Divided ribbon cores, damaged, missing glass, fleabites & pocket wear, $5.00 each, (maybe ?? )
  12. Thank you all for the words of encouragement, I'll do my best !!
  13. It all comes back sooner or later as a blessing in one way or another, sometimes totally unexpected like the score you got, one good wet mint av. royal is worth more than double the $60.00 you paid for the entire bag, not to mention the Pelts, man what a deal !!
  14. Most royals w/ av. I've ever seen at once, no wonder I can't find any !! "Great" find is the word.
  15. Agreed Jason, any and all things added for benefit of the members use, ease of access & or navigation of the site will attract new ones. I really like the one click "Like" (or dislike etc..) button, gonna save a lot of people a lot of key strokes. I'm not a FB guy myself, busy enough as is !!
  16. My pleasure Al, you're welcome, I'm more than happy to help out !!
  17. Almost a naked divided ribbon core looking at this pic & the distance between the outside white caged ribbons & the actual outside of the marble, 25 mm, very near an inch and looks to be in great shape, nice clean pontils w/ no visible damage or wear. $20 - $30.00 tops at least that's what I'd give for it personally Joep !! I like the blue jelly ribbons riding alongside the red ribbons. " A Very Nice clean mib"
  18. Great Race Guys. looks like my Hero Bumble bee is bumbling about a bit, but you never know. Thanks Again for posting. I wasn't keeping an eye on my YouTube channels as usual
  19. yes, all coreless swirls, $ 20.00 - $25.00 max
  20. I recently got a new green pelt feather slag, a good size at almost 23/32nds. This pattern is getting harder & harder to find, especially the full rooster tail, but some tail is better than no tail
  21. Yep !! Still a win, still a wiger I'm a keepin it.
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