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  1. I can't remember if I already posted this on another thread or not, if I did pls. forgive. My better examples, some German and some American machine made w/ 1 glazed and 1 agate and 1 mica. I know I posted some different one's somewhere else, if you see reposts let me know so I can get this straightened out. Thanks much. Oop's just found the header pic. Chad G.
  2. Loving the new pics of the sept dig @ the Heaton site, wish I lived closer, like a treasure hunt , many new mib's and new one of a kind plastic bag found, hopefully another dig before it's covered up !! Not all of my marbles are wet , some of my favorite Akro's are dug examples. Steph posted pic's of the bag on a separate thread, looked @ the dig pics on AAM, posted by cheese, can't get enough.
  3. Here's the biggest one I have, plain jane yellow and white but in mint shape, not a whole lot of these big one's around still in good shape or any shape for that matter.
  4. This a little Akro children's china thumb pot, highly uv., Small Akro china is one of my favorite marble related thing's to collect. The little clear spot on the bottom is a punch out for drainage, children punched almost all of these out, especially in the larger ones.
  5. I had and still have a lot of reference book's, a great deal of help when I started trying to I.D. the thousand's of kind's of marbles. Getting better but the learning will never quit. Here are a few that helped me a great deal, the old original Grist's book's I had years ago and a few other's I no longer have, disappeared in a move. Here's some I use for referencing and identification. The large hardback's by Stanley Block are excellent for I.D. purposes, I have found them all very helpful, and still do. Have many more but these will get you going, they did me.
  6. A new stand I made w/ an alley insulator, made @ the Pennsboro location between 1934-1937, and two big 31/32nds Alley marbles, information on the insulators from Ron ( wvrons ) I had an idea one of these was alley so I held onto them. Ron said the machine they where made on was called the corn cobb machine. A little piece of alley history. Inc. is a pic of two insulators, the one on top is alley unsure about the other. 3rd pic, a couple Jabo on the unknown insulator.
  7. It' Christmas time !! Hope this work's. These are the pics of the tiny clearies I told ya I would take Steph. Sorry a few Japanese pincher mibs slipped in there, still tiny but not clearie's. OOp's 1 yellow translucent. I "can't remember" where the crackle mib came from, or any of these for that matter, a common marble collectors affliction. I forgot I was going to put them on top of a Christmas stocking before the pic's !! Hope seeing these shiny little gems bring back some fond memories.
  8. Block and a few others have written entire books on transitional marbles.
  9. Morning Chuck, Took your advice and went to AAM and continued to view the dig & mibs + looked @ the old posts also. Many new ones, an excellent thread. Can't get over how many dug mibs display characteristics of other manufacturers, Hmm I believe we all know what conspired with nearly all these companies. Cool bag, hopefully you all get 1 more swing @ the property before it's gone and find some more 1 offs. Thanks for sharing and all the hard work !!!
  10. 82 - 84 when I was in Perth, I sure didn't want to leave, I remember a place called "pinocios " the pool balls over there are as big as pig pong ball's. I remember thinking I was pretty good @ it till I played a local, treated with great respect there. Thanks again for the great pics
  11. Thanks for chiming back in all I was gettin worried.
  12. Wish I would have been into mibs when I was in Perth, those and the others would all be in my box !! Wish my blue and white was a little more exotic, i think both blue and white where the most common colors, together or separately, oh well @ least i have a few. Keep sharing, love the pics, good variety. Thanks much
  13. 100 % absolutely, I had someone tell me once they had every color combo Akro ever made, I looked @ his marbles, a goodly amount and agreed w/ them "yes, you do " ( not ) i.e. an impossibility due to all the variants, unless you had every marble they ever produced. By the way Chuck them's some nice mib's ( love em all ), you don't really need both of those do you ?? Thanks, for sharing the pics. Chad G.
  14. Ya had to get those pelts and broth's in there ( I would have also) didn't you?? now I have to get lap blanket for the drool. Sorry I have an idea on those mibs but not sure so not going to mislead. Not gonna do it , I retract. someone else will know exactly.
  15. Talked to Chuck last night , He also had one given to him, really Steph, you just made my month. I'll be posting a thread on my favorite books after Craig comes over tonight for the "down load". A very kind thought Steph, thanks again " " " " and so on. ( kindness is reciprocal ) Regards,
  16. Chuck G. seen the post also and he to was given the book by the author, I'm still trying and won't give, and certainly will not pay $ 902.00, As stated I just want the book for my collection. Let me know if you get the actual M.S.R. out of the barcode on it would you Steph?? If any one runs into a used copy for sale @ a realistic price message me or post and let me know, I would be eternally grateful Thanks again all.
  17. Thanks Man, I think that's about the best and busiest example, I chose to post the simpler one in hope's of eliminating confusion, I hope it worked ??
  18. Hello Al, cheese messaged me his link posting isn't attempts aren't working on this site for some reason, the bag, the dig and all the new Heaton's have been posted on AAM. I wondered the same , messaged and found out, hope the link malfunction isn't contagious. Chad G.
  19. I'm just going on my memory of my initial attempt to get it, was still in stock when I first seen it, yes 2014 and nfs is part of the title I had his picture and everything, photos from the book etc... $ 18.99 was a close guess, I know it was around 20 bucks or so. The original Amazon post had the multi view thing going on, I don't remember seeing a price on the book either, if it has a code bar on the back you can bring it to the store and it might read it. The review and a showing of the pics is what drew me in, my collection used to be about 80% hand mades. A lot of joseph coat's, about 1
  20. I don't really know either Steph, Akro was just a guess on my behalf, The marble has CAC on one side and Akro on the other side, something just tells me it's Akro, I have been wrong before and will be again but I'm gonna give it my best educated guess. If you look @ Bills ( mibcapper ) pics he has of a cerise agate fooled me big time, the angle he showed matched my second pic perfectly, also a larger mib, I know this isn't a cerise, a much denser red slag glass in the cerise, He's got me more than once. This is Bills pic of his cerise agate, ( pelt ) see what I mean. I wish to thank
  21. Day late what?? is it that good ?? I missed the last one to someone in New Mexico the day before. been on my wish list on Amazon until now. it must grade and everything now. I was correct w/ the $18.99 price wasn't i ?? It's been a while I don't really know any more !! Been waitin for that thing forever.
  22. I'm having a day also camera is loaded, I don't know how and my friend who does it is in the hosp. w/ his Mom, everything went perfect this weekend- I think !!! I put up all my mibs the dog's (My marble counting partners ) kept an ever closer eye on me, they've been lookin all over, they're jealous of the mibs.
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