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  1. Yeah Baby !! Nice !! Love em all, keep postin, can't get enough !!
  2. Pics below courtesy of EdNargel, AAM Pelt John Deere on the (L) Pelt Girl Scout (R) PELTIER I.D. SITE : The rest of the John Deere, Girl Scout family can be found by clicking the link below the, Peltier Identification site link below LINK : https://www.peltiermarbles.info/nlrs
  3. x 2, transitional
  4. Appears to be a couple fractures in the bottom left in the wide white stripe of this one ?? Appears to be 2 or 3 running in different directions & criss crossing dead center of the bottom half of the mib in the white in this pic ??
  5. Hit the Staff icon on the top of the page & Message bumblebee (Jason) he's the Administrator.
  6. Chad G.

    Pelts? 3

    Definitely both Peltier NLR's. The one on the left if the base is cornflower blue is a "Pelt Blue Panda" the one on the right if it was red would be a "Red Zebra' but it looks a little to rusty colored so no name as of yet. Possible "Blue Panda" if the base is cornflower blue, which it appears to be ?? If it's black based w/ or w/o av. just a zebra Bruce
  7. These are called "Alley Woodland Camo" almost always between 15/16ths & 1", never seen them any smaller. VVHTF man, where was I when you scored all these, ?? Some great mibs, a the browns will vary widely on these but a great marble, to have 1 is good, to have 4 is Great
  8. Looks good to me to, you can chuck it my way !! I'm still seeing a nice Alley
  9. A few dug at the Heaton site that also didn't spin correctly, if I remember right I got at least 2 of these in a batch I from Ron. A beautiful error I agree !!
  10. I found out this one with black is definitely a Pelt but VVVHTF. I know someone w/ one exactly like it & knows of 3 others, I had a feeling but didn't want to say just from the one view and not a very visible seam. I asked them if they could post it but they have a little digging to do first.
  11. Your makin my mouth water, the freezer is empty & my first trip was a bust.
  12. 20 # steelhead I caught about 8 years ago in the glacier fed Deschutes river on 8 pound line & a drift rod.. The steelhead are going all the way to clearwater Idaho we just intercept them on the way, a long & arduous journey another 350 mikes upstream. Steelhead are sea run trout not salmon, harvest trout also go to sea but generally don't get above 4 or 5 pound's & return annually. A Blessing being born here and coming back after the Navy, I love this area and wouldn't move for anything. We average 15 fish a day apiece before noon, with a bag limit if 3, we just keep the ones over
  13. !! Guess other than the obvious Alleys swirls are still mostly a puzzle to me, best guess is some W.Va. manufacture ?? " Nice mib Ric"
  14. "Welcome to Marble Connection Calvin" Lots of marble knowledge & knowledgeable people here more than willing to give ya a hand. Again "Welcome"
  15. Chad G.


    I know it doesn't have the lazy "s" seam I just have a bunch with the exact same color schemes with my rainbos, some of the colored ribbons line up on some don't, not that colors really mean anything with all the variance, I just get a pelt feel to it ?? As always, I could be wrong Ric, I value your input, please !! I don't have any close ups of rainbos except some rare color combinations, wish I did !!
  16. Chad G.


    All Pelt for me !! 1 & 2 appear to be the same marbles, all 4 pics Rainbo Type.
  17. Chad G.


    Nice Pelts Bruce !!
  18. "Welcome to Marble Connection Andrea" Lots of knowledge & knowledgeable people here more than willing to help you on tour marble journey !! Have fun & again "Welcome"
  19. No just backlight it with a normal light, if it's metalic the light won't pass through. The backlight test is for, oxblood or a metalic, not UV. reactiveness. A small amount looks like it could be metalic, the black stuff just might be junk off the rollers ??
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