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  1. It looks like an Akro corkscrew to me, but it appears it "might" have a translucent (semitransparent) white "Ace" colored base glass. Still "I" would consider it a liberty, a bit harder to find than the normal opaque white. If you want to be sure on the white you can backlight it and see, a translucent base will allow light but no defined shapes through. if it does it's not opaque but translucent, kind of a moot point at this stage but nice for you to know. As far as color combinations & variations they are "endless" if you can imagine it, Akro more than likely made it & everywhere in
  2. I agree with the one that Rick has a link to looking like a "Jabo". Here's one of my slags, has what appears to be an amber base with a tail running into a very defined & straight cut line in the back, sorry no pics of the cutline yet. A very creamy looking, with almost white swirls in it. My best guess is MFC for this one. All "I" can say about Gina's is it looks handgathered, I'm on the fence like Steph as far as a positive I.D. All the handgather's kinda meld together for me. Another I just trade away last week with a very similar pattern & the same straight cut on
  3. Correct Gina, to qualify as a Popeye must have a clear transparent base & secondly white whispy strands, yours indeed sounds like what is being called a liberty corkscrew. I hope this eliminates some of the confusion for you ?? Akro Liberty Corkscrew, Yours is probably very similar to this (opaque everything)
  4. Wow !! What an interesting seam, it certainly has all the qualifications of a Popeye +, clear base glass, white whispy strands& "I" wouldn't call it a Vitro !! "I'm" gonna agree with you and say a whacked out Popeye patch, in your case multiple patches, very interesting mib Bruce, let's see if others have anything to add on this one ??
  5. Chad G.


    You're not gonna believe this, my Brothers name was Tony !! Coincidence ?? I have a tat in the same place on my right hand that I got when I was in the Navy while homeported in Alameda California.
  6. Chad G.


    I got this at a shop in town a while back. A black scorpion encased in a 4" orb. It reminded me of my little brother, he had scorpions tattooed on both of his forearms. He passed in 2015 at the age of 47, miss ya Bro !! A pic of my baby Brother with a 72" sturgeon, we loved to fish, hunt, pick mushrooms just about anything you can imagine two brothers doing together. He was not only my Brother but my best & dearest friend.
  7. Could ya post a couple more views Bruce ??
  8. I had to post this one, "Akroliciouse" Definitely Akro & the clear base glass $ white whispy strands are Popeye qualifiers added to the definite Popeye colors.
  9. You're scarin me, them pix & all those colors are makin me have flashback !!!!!!!!!!
  10. Another link from right here & some pix Steph submitted showing the difference between a regular popeye & a patch, also for Rick a red white & blue example, I believe I've seen every color patch including some so called (Hybrids) LINK : https://marbleconnection.com/topic/24312-difference-between-akro-patches-and-vitro-popeyes/
  11. Same as a popeye except in patch form, i.e. no rotation around the marble/ Color patch goes straight from pole to pole without any rotation or variation. I think if you go to the link they are explained there also, along with other Akro patches. This group of pix courtesy of AAM This one is a killer
  12. I guess I should post a pic of me beside the fleeing emoticon showing the resemblance !!
  13. Link to the history & description, courtesy of and with permission from the ( Marble Collectors Society of America) MCSA LINK : https://www.marblecollecting.com/marble-reference/online-marble-id-guide/akro-agate-co/ This link also has the definitions of every bother marble, I would have tapped it out but I type with one finger & In fat finger the keys half the time & spend a good third of my time fixing my spelling. I hope this helps you out Gina !!
  14. Yes !! gone, nothing but broken registry showing here as well, a repost would be great !!
  15. See you soon Gina, you'll be fine
  16. I'm still laughing !! maybe at myself ??
  17. A VISIT FROM THE LOCAL MARBLE POLICE Just one more I.D. wrong & you've had it !! (Welcome To My Nightmare)
  18. Wish I was your neighbor round about harvest time!!
  19. Nice mibs & pix Joep !! I really like em backlit by the sun !!
  20. This one, just what I call them, I know they have a more correct name but it escapes me ?? Guess I should call it a "double lily planter" because that is what I believe the flower to be, so the reason for the one below being called a lily vase.
  21. The black specs in the marble are "probably" from dirty rollers or sometime during production, or maybe gas bubbles that rose to the surface when the glass was still hot & collapsed creating a dimple that got filled with debris ??
  22. The large Akro bin planter is killer, Bah it's all killer !! Imperial makes a cornucopia that's almost exactly like the akro, the only difference is a little variance in the foot & the stamp on the bottom. This ones Imperial !! No shots of the Akro, I'll try and salvage one out of a group shot real quick I got lucky & managed one with the sticker still in it, I just checked the bottom & it has the 1951 Imperial stamp on it, same place as the Akro stamp. There are 3 Akro toothpicks & the same red Imperial in this shot, I'll take some better side by si
  23. x 2, CAC ( Christensen) swirl
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