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  1. Here's "Stephen Bahrs" YouTube marble I.D. video's link for ya, just click below : LINK : https://www.youtube.com/c/StephenBahr/videos
  2. Oop !! My bad Gina, sorry bout that one, the 100 count went right over my head ๐Ÿ˜– "Thanks' for the reminder Steph"
  3. Peltier Rainbo $ 1.00, top's !! No way on the $18.00. Yes it is a vintage marble but fairly common, even in mint shape.
  4. " HAPPY AKRO FRIDAY" I already posted some of these on the score but they are Akro, so by the skin of my teeth I remembered Some of the Akro Ware I got an excellent deal on.
  5. 'Thanks for the info Scott, I have copied it and the YouTube link I will pass it on. Again "Thank You very much"
  6. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Have a great one William !!
  7. "CAC" is short for (Christensen Agate Company) , congratulations, you did get one this time, a nice swirl !!
  8. x 2, "Yes" looking at the second bunch of pix I agree with CAC, "thanks for posting more views" that cleared it up nicely !! Your colors look to be right on in the top half of the collage you have.
  9. Fantastic, always there when I was lost & needed help & still there when I'm lost & need help!! "My hat is off to you Steph" your dedication & devotion is second to none. Wait that's not big enough !! Ahh, that's better !! You're a life saver Steph !!
  10. x2, Agree with Al "Vacor red Devil" LINK : https://www.billes-en-tete.com/detail.php?id=48
  11. This one passes as a Popeye, I can barely see where the whispy white strands pass through the "Clear transparent" base on the "left" side of this shot. These may pass also with some more revealing closeups for a positive I.D., if Popeyes might be a really dark purple, true black is extremely rare but they did make them.
  12. Unsavory people will use furniture polish, oil, anything that makes the marble look better, after which their selling days are soon over.
  13. So good to see some new friends find a good home Steph, I don't know what I would do without my little helpers.
  14. Sometimes they do what is called "Flashing" they put the damaged mib back under heat and you get the ripely melted looking surface like the wet ones Joep has. Easy to tell once you've seen them. Too bad there are people out there like that.
  15. You will, last lefty I had that big was a spotted onionskin sold in 09, I got $900.00 pretty good for back then, I doubled my money, wish I could say the same for the rest that went down the river.
  16. Nah !! I have a few, but just patient to wait on a good one, every time I get to much into a hurry I get stupid & end up with something I didn't want. Before a divorce I went through in 09 I had some 2" & better monster lefty's, ended up having to sell them along with 99% of everything else. You don't see killers like that anymore & when you do they don't come cheap. I've seen a few on "Feebay" in the last year that the seller didn't even notice, either that or they just didn't know ??
  17. Arrgh !! I knew I wasn't the only one
  18. Chad G.


    Livin the Dream..........&.........&........repeat !!....
  19. Chad G.


    Looks kinda like a whacked out Pelt liberty ??
  20. Agree, end of a shell casing
  21. Thanks Ron, I too get lost in all the dates. If it weren't for I.D. sites & dates I would really be lost. I try to remember them all but impossible for me !! "Thanks Again" Oh !! I messaged you on AAM about thus subject, just disregard Chad G.
  22. I was going off info on the "W. Va. Marble Collectors Club" ( Master Glass/Master Made) & "Marble Alans" old site, "Alans site says 1930 - 1973, W.Va. site says 1930 - 1974, I'm confused ?? LINK: http://www.westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/identification/ LI NK : https://buymarbles.com/marblealan-master.html
  23. Master was in business from 1930 - 1973 -74, not sure on the era of that certain mib, sorry Buck
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