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  1. I noticed something on the Akro stamps, on the ribbed cups the crow is flying to the left & on all the other pieces he's flying to the right. Ribbed Cup mark Octagonal Bowl & every other piece Traditionally the crow flies to the right ?? Just something I noticed !! Maybe someone knows the reason behind the change ??
  2. x 2, Agree with Steph, 100% Jabo
  3. Best deal I've had in quite some time. I'll post some more closeups tomorrow, just got home & am beat !! See you all tomorrow
  4. Yeah Buddy, you got a good one !!
  5. Ok !! I finally downloaded the pics. I scored this Akro Ware last week, gave a bit over $2.00 for each piece, $45.00 for 22 pieces, a good deal for once, no chips or cracks, all in good shape. So a combo, best score and Akro product !!
  6. I think I'm having a "Flash back " man... those mibs are hopping all over the screen & changing colors....I'm freakin out !!.....time to hide.....
  7. These are called "Concentric Ribbed" I have a set of white ones just like yours with a turquoise ribbed pitcher./ I noticed the crow logo on yours & mine as well are very detailed, much more so than other pieces of Akro ware. Same # 12 highly visible on mine to, wish I could get my hands on or reference guide to the meaning of each number ?? I know there are a couple complete guides to Akro ware & other Akro products, both by Roger & Claudia Hardy, maybe I'll go ahead & get them ?? You may recognize the first names ?? The VVHTF "Jolly Roger" giant cork &
  8. Nice Akro !! I scored about 23 pieces this week, best score in a long time, will be posting them later tonight. Nice bunch of glass William !! Yes the owl is 100 % Imperial (1951), my nieces favorite animal. You're gonna need that other display "Soon" @ this rate.
  9. Looks like a serpent to me, they made several different runs of them, some even come close to Pelts, many are fooled. An older run "Vacor Serpentina" ( Serpent) to me. x 2 I agree with Josh.
  10. "Welcome to Marble Connection" Dean. Please check your PM's I have sent you one !!
  11. "I" agree with "Pelt Rainbo" on this one also, just a little messed up that's all. Marbles aren't exacting as you know, you can come up with almost anything, everything on this marble points "me" toward it being a Pelt Rainbo.
  12. "Yes" the "Peltier John Deere" marble is backwards of the actual tractor, the "Girl scout" matches the tractor. Click on the LINK below for Pelt I.D.'s LINK : https://www.peltiermarbles.info/nlrs
  13. "Yes" I believe I remember seeing a few in the pics you had Joep ??
  14. Man what a blast from the past Craig. Being a kid sure was great. Talk about the meaning of "no worries" thanks for the "post" 🤣
  15. Agree with Ric. , Alley
  16. All 3 swirls in my opinion, no slags
  17. Chad G.


    Alley would be my guess !!
  18. Close man !! "Alley Shimmering spruce"
  19. Hang on a sec, I'm gonna get out my ballpeen hammer & some sand paper for the proper pocket wear effect, 🤣.....
  20. Most complete Vacor (Mega) marble I.D. site I have ever seen. Made in Mexico LINK : https://www.billes-en-tete.com/liste_billes.php?lang=en
  21. 3 of the 4 look like "Vacor" De Mexico (Mega), not U.S. manufactured. I'm not sure on the one below, I can't see enough of it. Looking at the slight orange peel surface I can see probably Vacor also ??
  22. The Evil Eyed Onion !! Still @ almost 2" at it's widest point, someone had a field day with this one !! Usually when they get this big they have an interior, or built over core, I lit one end up with my mag to show the interior of this one. no interior core. Everyone who sees this in my display asks what it is, not even realizing it was at one time a beautiful marble.
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