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  1. Agree with Master, a "machine made" marble. Onionskins are handmade marbles
  2. Thanks for the comparison pix Joep, must have been very confusing for you getting 3 or 4 different I.D. for the same marble !! I learned something new as well !!
  3. Chad G.


  4. "Great attitude" were all still here !!
  5. I don't toss anything anymore, I used to but they're just getting to hard to get ahold of. A few pix, one of a handmade with mica & another a Peltier NLR with Aventurine. No !! not all Iridescence marbles are throw away, iridescence is a good indicator of 'Vacor" or (Mega) a newer marble all are made in Mexico but some do have value !! If you have a loupe you'll be able to tell air bubbles from mica. Don't feel bad Gina I have been duped before also. You're in the right place now, people here will help ya out, no one is here to judge anyone else, just share what we know. An antique G
  6. Vitro All red, I like em too.
  7. I'm not seeing Christensen let alone a layered sand
  8. Here is a good picture of a "Christensen Layered sand marble" VVHTF ( Very, Very Hard to Find) A good view of the seam and the attributes that gave it it's name, a very rare marble, especially in mint condition, usually a smaller size say around 9/16ths, this one is 1732nds, but as in anything there are exceptions to any rule. You will need to post several different views for an accurate I.D. Any visible seams are crucial on a marble like this "Thank You" for your condolences, believe me if we didn't say Sir & Ma'am my father was close by to make sure we did, a good thing respect for your
  9. A very collectible marble I suspect ?? an "Akro Superman Corkscrew" This one a contemporary, there may be a name or initials in the top or bottom if you look with a loupe, some are marked & some aren't. This one made in China or an American handmade torch marble, low value if any to a collector, but I collect what I like so is all perspective at this point. I think they call tis a "parachute type ??" The other 5 maybe different & multiple views for a good I.D.
  10. Ah, no sir here, just another person who likes marbles as you do, Chad is fine. Give some others a chance to weigh in on some of these. "Thank you" for only posting one in a pic. That & the measurements will both help significantly. So sorry for your loss, I to lost my little Brother nearly 6 years ago now. This hobby keeps me going, some fantastic people here, I have made many Great marble friends from all over the world as I'm sure you will also Gina. Again "thanks" for taking the time to single em out.
  11. Christensen's are some of the more valuable & collectible vintage (very nearly antique) marbles out there, they were in business from (1925 - 1933) Akro, which appears to be the majority in the second pic is also a very collectible manufacture. They don't have to be 150 years old to be valuable. In fact some of the older ones are worth next to nothing. In "my" opinion this one doesn't resemble a Christensen. Christensen's near or at one inch are rare, I can't see any Christensen traits on the one in this pic. It's larger than the other marbles but no way to be sure of the size. Size can b
  12. Fantastic job & mibs !! I have been looking forever & know a couple people looking to get some old Germans polished & some cullet marbles. "Thank you" so much, a preferred method of contact for Mathew would be great Scott !!
  13. Chad G.


    I see Vacor, perhaps someone else will weigh in for a second !!
  14. "Welcome to Marble Connection Gina" Don't worry, with practice & a little time your pix will improve just like min e are. A few pointers to make it easier on you & the person making the I..D. Try to only post 2 or 3 marbles at a time with views of the top & bottom and then rotate it and get one of all four sides, I know it seems long & drug out but it will make for an easier more accurate I.D. for you and everyone involved, A size is also very helpful, fractions if you can decimals if you can't, a cheap set of plastic calipers can be had for well under $5.00. Most of the
  15. Lucky for you !! Unlucky for the fish Yeah !! Some days their real finicky. We used to jig between logs on the log rafts when I was a kid. late evening was the best about 2 hours before dark !! Their last stab at some food I guess. All the log rafts are gone now "progress" All we have is open water like what you have.
  16. You're makin me hungry again !! Nice !!!
  17. Nice pair of twins Bill !!...........Killer !!
  18. "Welcome to Marble Connection Buck" Yes !! A Peltier NLR Flaming dragon. You have several nice mibs there, Marble King, more peltier, some Alleys a good selection. "Again Welcome" if it has to do with marbles your in the right place. Lots of knowledge & knowledgeable people here more than happy to lend you a hand. "Have Fun"
  19. Josephs Coat, looks very nice & clean, I really like this color Naked Divided Ribbon Core ( Jelly Ribbons a plus, naked also a plus) Banded Opaque ?? if no light comes through when backlit, it looks opaque in the pix ??
  20. Same here, I've had those cups forever & didn't even notice the more detailed crow till I seen you pics. One thing leads to another, it started out marbles, now I have arrowheads and everything else in between
  21. No problem !! If you take all you Germans and put them side by side you will probably notice all kinds of different shade pf base glass. A light tint of amethyst or a kind of pinkish color is pretty common to.
  22. That's what I was thinking & is probably why, but the trademark was registered to Akro by patent so thy all should be the same ?? Ah well just like the backwards S in U S A on about a third of the Akro pieces I have ?? I didn't even notice it William till I seen your pics & went to take pics of mine.
  23. "Yes" definitely green tinted, good eye man !!
  24. A few more pix of last weeks score !! I forgot I also got some Murano Glass made in Italy with some nice chunky gold lutz in it. These little ashtrays are all stamped ITALY on the bottom & I have another yellow one identical to these four that I researched so I know they are real. I fill all this stuff with marbles to save space & it also makes for a pretty good display.
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