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  1. Freshly IDed as Vitro! Great pics everyone! The hybrid cats are also awesome!
  2. SIZE: .62 IN. I originally got this in a really nice collector quality Pelt rainbow collection. It hung out with the Pelts, then migrated to the Vitro tray, but now I'm leaning MK. Anyone know what it is? ~~ Deanna AKA Rooster
  3. ♫ Just keep sorting, ♫ Just keep sorting ♫ Just keep sorting sorting sorting! ♫
  4. I cannot wait to get some yummy buttermilks! 😋
  5. YES! Great pics everyone! I gotta take my time to drool over them. My kiddo has me hunting down the crackle marbles as we got a few in a big marble collection we bought. Sorry I have been absent a few days, I literally just discovered all the marble groups on Facebook. Nice to see some familiar names there. Now I can eat, sleep, and breathe marble. Love it!
  6. Yeah as soon as I saw the colors my mind said Pelt. Cool mib!
  7. Yes! I love marbles too! This place is awesome!! Actually my first ever jar of marbles I found at antique mall was a jar full just like your ones with green. Then I found another 2lbs just like them on eBay! THEN... not only was I hooked on vintage and antique marbles but then I became hooked on modern makers also. Jabos, Dave's Appalachian Swirls, and more! Happy hunting! 😊
  8. Oh very nice mibs Da Roberto! Love it!
  9. Also, shine a strong light into the green transparent part of the lavender ones. It has a good chance to have Aventurine in those mibs.
  10. I would say Jabo classics because I have ones very similar. A lot light up under blacklight. I'm sure others will comment also.
  11. Just a little snack tray filled with yummy Vitros! Enjoy! Post up your fav Vitro pics too, don't be shy. V for Vitro! ~~Deanna AKA Rooster
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