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O T "the Alien Marble And The Olive" Part 2


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For those interested, it turns out that Ms. Kalimata was quite thrilled with her 'alien encounter'!

And our Martian Marble isn't going anywhere soon because he too is thrilled with the results!

For the first time, here's a shot of the proud parents with their new twins!

Mom and Dad are looking happy but a bit pale after their experience.

Especially Mom, but for gosh sake, look at the size of those babies!

Little Agatha looks a lot like her mother!

Know everyone will join me in wishing them well! :lol:

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Too cute! You really should write their story/stories down and make some children's books. (G-rated and slightly extended version) You're extremely creative. Who knows, maybe kids will get into buying marbles more because of your stories.

Congrats to the Alien marble and family, does this mean he doesn't need a green card now?

:-) Felicia

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