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Those Beautiful Jabos


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Though there are often disagreements on Boards such as this, for the most part this Board has stuck to the reason the boards were started in the first place. I have met (cyberly speaking) quite a few people here and over the past couple of months have been humbled by the generosity shown by several people (as said by others on this board, "You know who you are.") Your generosity has brought a great deal of pleasure to me, and has helped to keep my hands and mind occupied, and says a lot for the future of this great hobby.

I had some damaged "Last Dance" marbles sent to me, though I had a hard time finding any damage on some of them, but even so they are beautiful marbles and photographed quite nicely.

Thank you all for your generosity and friendship.

post-492-1231817310_thumb.jpg post-492-1231817262_thumb.jpg post-492-1231817244_thumb.jpg post-492-1231817211_thumb.jpg post-492-1231817283_thumb.jpg post-492-1231817297_thumb.jpg

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