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  1. If you go to the seller's feedback page it states:
  2. #1,4,5, & 6 are Peltier Rainbos, #3 is a Vitro Tiger-eye.
  3. #4 looks like a Peltier Rainbo to me.
  4. Yes a Rebel. Just a straight, thin pattern.
  5. I was trying to be subtle in saying the complaint was petty.
  6. I tried to visit your site today. My McAfee anti-virus program flagged it as high risk.
  7. A hand decorated china marble with "Pennsylvanian Dutch" style decorative patterns. (An American nick-name) The Marble is more than likely of German origin.
  8. I would say Dutch it is! Very Nice indeed!!
  9. I am striving to enjoy life and not sweat the little things!! Marble on!!
  10. I have learned so much from this forum over the years. It would be a great shame if it became lost. Perhaps a user donation drive is in order.
  11. Many on Ebay have been polished.
  12. GOOD LUCK in your new location! Nice to see posting again...
  13. What do you think this person is trying to say? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Akro-Agate-Marble-and-are-over-the-same-crap-5-8-/262474419878?hash=item3d1cb1cea6:g:EnIAAOSwOVpXV2k8
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