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  1. 1313

    A family loss

    i wanted to thank everyone here for the thoughts, i appreciate everything. i wish for days of old, that i could be here provide some excitement for this board. scottpatrick
  2. 1313

    Jake Anthony

    condolences RIC, "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted"
  3. 1313

    Robert Brown

    I do have a pic of him. one of the good guys ;0)
  4. 1313

    Sulphide question

    his wasn't fond of marbles or marble collectors. he ditched the scene ! houdinified himself, the good times are over
  5. 1313

    Sulphide question

    I remember someone referring to this as a " TOMB LION"
  6. I have 17 bird paperweights, a 20 plus year collection that I am selling. any interest please send me a message. 1 or all.
  7. 1313

    Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    BRAVO JOHN. THE DEFENITION OF RARE..................PRICELESS..........HEY GREG, I am sure its one of chris robinson marbles. I was there when he made his DEBUT. I don't recall seeing you there
  8. 1313

    Marbles from a settlement

    definitely contemporary. look like unsigned Gibson marbles from the 80s. actually these type Gibson marbles sold for bigger money back in the day. Brownie {Robert Brown} used to sell them allover ohio and west Virginia. they made way to collections as Vintage marbles. maybe the first reproduction antique marbles? some of the oldtimers know the complete story.......just a piece of history fyi
  9. 1313

    Sonny Miller

    I knew sonny pretty well, he was like family in west Virginia. I spent time hangin with him. hate to hear of his passing. my deepest sympathy to john and family, boyd and family. sonny will be missed, its a sad day ;0( scottpatrick
  10. thanxs for chiming in greg, your bell still missing a dinger? I didn't see you there.
  11. In remembrance of tom r , who was actually there.........big party held Friday night with plenty of drugs, marijuana, strippers and booze
  12. might be found in canton, whose going? ill be there fri and sat . I'm setting up at the show with some of my latest stuff......
  13. August 24th - 27th BUCKEYE MARBLE COLLECTORS CLUB AUGUST SHOW It's that time of year again!   Join us for the BMCC August Show in Canton, OH! In-room trading and selling is Wednesday – Friday. The show will be held Saturday the 27th from 10am – 3pm. The location of the hotel is close to the Canton airport, with shuttles available from the Holiday Inn. There's also plenty of great restaurants close! The deadline for room reservations with the club rate is August 1st, ($111.00) so please get those in before that date. Public admission is FREE, the public is welcome to in-room trading. Hope to see you there! Holiday Inn 4520 Everhard Road N.W. Canton, Ohio (330)494-2770 Contact Brian Estepp ($35.00 for a table) (614)975-1203 or (614)863-5350 brianestepp@gmail.com
  14. its sad news indeed to say ronny cox had died. ronny was an innovator in the marble world. I learned a lot from ronny over the 25 yrs that I knew him. a real shock to me as I spent a lot of time with ronny in the earlier yrs. good bye ronzo, thanxs for the education........... http://www.newcomerdayton.com/Obituary/123676/Ronald-Eugene-Cox/Dayton-Ohio