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  1. I agree with John - that looks like a Chris Robinson creation.
  2. Steph nailed it. Could also be Akro Agate, Christensen Agate, or even Peltier. They all made hand gathered amber slags.
  3. One is a copper based red and the other is a selenium based red.
  4. Looks more like a Master to me...😆
  5. This catalog is interesting - year? I like how it still shows the Albright relationship via the Polished Clay marble additions in the listed assortment boxes.
  6. I have a tangential thought....when did Peltier start dealing with Groper? I wonder if creating special 2 color and 3 color marbles to fill a defined marketing option offered by Groper, led to the creation of of the fancier Peltier styes such as the Golden Rebel, etc.
  7. I have them all from 1903 up till 1934. Also have every Montgomery Wards ad from 1886 up till 1934.
  8. I believe that Albright was the original sole distributor - I have newspaper articles talking about such...memory is a little rusty. I bet Albright was already in bed with Groper prior to CA existing. Albright existed from early 1900's up till recent days - still made industrial marbles in Ravenna up till the 90's.
  9. Albright was a manufacturer and a distributor. I found a few CA pieces in Ravenna.
  10. Ephemera items are the best! Better than marbles IMHO.
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