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  1. Yes - selenium was a later glass colorant addition.
  2. One is a copper based red and the other is a selenium based red.
  3. akronmarbles

    End of Day

    Looks more like a Master to me...😆
  4. akronmarbles

    Important Gropper Onyx Documents

    This catalog is interesting - year? I like how it still shows the Albright relationship via the Polished Clay marble additions in the listed assortment boxes.
  5. akronmarbles

    Important Gropper Onyx Documents

    I have a tangential thought....when did Peltier start dealing with Groper? I wonder if creating special 2 color and 3 color marbles to fill a defined marketing option offered by Groper, led to the creation of of the fancier Peltier styes such as the Golden Rebel, etc.
  6. akronmarbles

    Sears catalogs

    I have them all from 1903 up till 1934. Also have every Montgomery Wards ad from 1886 up till 1934.
  7. akronmarbles

    Important Gropper Onyx Documents

    I believe that Albright was the original sole distributor - I have newspaper articles talking about such...memory is a little rusty. I bet Albright was already in bed with Groper prior to CA existing. Albright existed from early 1900's up till recent days - still made industrial marbles in Ravenna up till the 90's.
  8. akronmarbles

    Important Gropper Onyx Documents

    Albright was a manufacturer and a distributor. I found a few CA pieces in Ravenna.
  9. akronmarbles

    Important Gropper Onyx Documents

    Ephemera items are the best! Better than marbles IMHO.
  10. akronmarbles

    What A Piece Of Frit!!!

    October 1927 - "In all six machines are to be operated, and two of these have been installed." References the two DIFFERENT machines mentioned above. Crockery and Glass Journal stated the projected daily output as 300,000 to 350,000 units.
  11. akronmarbles

    What A Piece Of Frit!!!

    Here is some hard evidence - Payne, Ohio. September 3, 1925 - leased building - October 1st- equipment and supplies were arriving. November 12, 1925 - furnaces turned on....... Lots of experimenting.... From February 18, 1926: "The first agates...turned out last week. The agates were fine, of various colors... Several changes were decided upon....correcting..troubles in the color blending tank will be made by Amsler & Morton, glass engineers from Pittsburgh." This article refers to a fully automated process of color mixing and machine feeding...they had some issues to work out.......fast forward to the next year: From March 31, 1927: "H.M. Jenkins, the local manager, has installed new equipment.....large two-pot melting furnace...two working tanks out of which the molten glass is gathered with the use of a long bar or punny(sp) and dropped into the automatic rolling machines......the agate is finally dropped from pocket into a tank where it undergoes...tempering. There are two rolling machines, both invented by Mr. Jenkins, and are the only ones of this kind in existence....the larger one has a capacity of 43 per minute, the other about 16." It seems they ditched the automated process and reverted to the tried and true method of hand gathering. June 9, 1927: "Payne will lose marble factory"