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  1. Love that color combo...looks great. Does look like an Akro corkscrew gone wild...and the colors are typical for Akro as well.
  2. Akro75


  3. Akro75


    Organizing the machine mades...CAC or Alley, or does it even matter? Lol...I'm leaning Alley...
  4. I'm thinking MK first one, Akro 2nd....1st one so many colors for the same marble.
  5. I still call em bloodies, and I still keep them grouped separately from the other Pelts..as long as that red bleeds in that glass.
  6. Ok, so here are a few more pics, also at the seam where the ribbons meet their is a crease...it's almost like the ribbons were meant to be north and south...like a MK?
  7. Purple one kinda stumped...green leaning toward Akro or Master.
  8. Yea, once backlit, def. Looks slag like, but the amount of opaque white and non transparent brownish swirls still has me guessing.
  9. This is backlit....purple transparent, white opaque.
  10. I'm thinking Akro, Alley or Ravenswood...just not sure.
  11. the last pic has a nice photo of the seam, opaque glass, just barely translucent purple brownish layered glass...what appear to be lashes, and measures just under 3/4"...so I can't pin this one down..any help would be great!
  12. Their is a hint of pink in the wv swirl....the other 2 have stumped me for years..., I've never seen such exact and distinct layering of like colors on a Master, but I am still leaning that way.
  13. I think the brownish/tannish is Ravenswood...the other 2... colors are interesting for a Master? Maybe Akro, since no 'u' or 'v' at poles. What do you think.
  14. hey, Liam here...just came across this forum..I started collecting with my father when I was 8 years old, took a break for about 10 years from buying, I'm 45 now. and making up for that lost 10 years! Ughh...anyways always looking to learn more and share some knowledge as well.
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