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  1. Thought I'd throw in a pic or four to start the CAC thread..
  2. Some of my favorite type of Germans..
  3. It's like a clay polymer blend...I like them though. Chip super easy.
  4. Yea, they are Italian clay marbles, I have a bunch that were given to me as a gift 15 years ago. I'll take some pics.
  5. Hi Kandi, If the price was right, you like the marbles regardless of condition and you were not looking to sell them then most definitely worth purchasing. You have to start somewhere, use them as placeholders once you start learning more.
  6. It's true, the 2 red ones were my dad's, he picked them up in the 80's...kept them in a glass enclosed sewing spool container all these years...perfect for mibs btw and they totally shed glass. It looked like the bottom of a broken candy cane bag..lol.
  7. I love clambroths, so when I find them in any condition I have to get em! Even a wee bit "weathered" they still look great.
  8. Oh man. This is tough. Back in the day as a kid,, I use to love going through jars of marbles at flea markets and antique shows and finding an elusive German in a sea of machine mades. Still gets me excited..and I have always loved original packaging and use to drool over the pictures in Everitt Grists Big Book of Marbles. So probably in this order, anything Akro, Christensen and followed by the Germans, including "aggies" . I love them all, kinda like the seasons. A couple pics of my favorite Christensens, Akro boxes, and handmades
  9. I do love German hand mades, especially onions. The pinkish one is my baby...2.5" studded with mica, the blue mottled one is 2" and looks great for being lightly polished.. another favorite a multilobed onion, reminds me of an impressionist painting comes in at 1 5/8"
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