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  1. I have had them for years! i do not know what came with them? sorry can not remember? I had them tucked away before i started even learning about mibs ! and found them again.
  2. Gladys


    LOL I always thought they where named after the cars!! back in the day! never even thought of real wood i see that now! lol thank you for straightening me out!!
  3. WOW soooo Pretty♥ Thank you so much for sharing! I have to get me one of these!!!
  4. Yes individual! Thank you so much for responding sorry I am late! I would love to see them up close!
  5. I think I would like to see up close and personal pic's of this last box!!! wow!! Thank you!!
  6. I was thinking Ravenswood at 1st but they are opaque no light comes through ? does that matter?
  7. Thank you, this was taken all the same day, it was raining here yesterday!
  8. Gladys


    What a beautiful marble!
  9. might be Ravenswood?
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