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  1. Lol i believe it got to ten x the amount quoted above when business was really booming , pretty big employer in a not so large city in those days
  2. See the Jap transitional`s in groups all the time down here in Australia get the mushrooms also but not in numbers finding the couple i have is proving a bit of a problem
  3. godown


    Be careful im under the impression they can be very addictive, peltier made there share of the nicest marbles in the hobby
  4. godown


    No mate dont think so, think it is a multi colored swirl i do have a Christmas tree here but its opaque white base with green and red ribbons and im not sure of the variations
  5. 1st of September is the start of spring down here in West oz light winds and mild days 25 today, nice to be finally be breaking out of dreary old winter Glad im not in Pretoria another month or so before we get regular temps like that
  6. One thing Roger didn't mention with Josephs you should be able to look inside, on this example pictured you will notice its almost like there are ribbons missing and you can see into the core the effect is very obvious on mine not so obvious on others you will see https://www.glasmurmeln.com/Josephs-Coats.htm
  7. Yep Steph newer but nice i believe these are still used by street vendors in India a few of the older one`s have colored marbles as well and are chased hard
  8. godown


    No worries contacted the site owner to find out and am waiting for a reply
  9. godown


    Thanks mate like to help out if i can Yes wish i was bilingual at time`s i have done many many search`s using google translate typing out in English translating into German and Japanese and searching very time consuming and frustrating at times but can be rewarding when you learn something new or find something that worth sharing
  10. godown


    I believe it means new marbles meaning machine made , i also think its German marbles only as there are no American marbles but i haven't contacted the gentleman to confirm that as i believe this site is German marbles only On the home page he lists updates he makes to the site so it doesn`t mean new pictures In the category list on the site he has http://www.murmelwelt.de/murmeln.html Alte Murmeln 100 years old Neue Murmeln Machine made mass produced goods so neue Murmeln basically means machine mades
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