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  1. managed to snag a lot from the UK which im over the moon with small one is 11 / 16 largest 46/64 🙂
  2. Same as leighton`s patent process of 1891 but 1896 is good for Navaree starting up as well
  3. 1896 but may have been written a few years earlier i assume as part or all of the process was already in use interesting how they were finished
  4. Yes i know you do mate one of the reasons i posted it here, i thought you would enjoy them shame there isnt a bit more detail
  5. I thought it was good for moral a 5 year old boy at the start of the war in London is now 13 imagine what he has seen, bloody politicians there heads are up there own any way here is another one i saw which i thought was interesting arriving in Sydney Aust wonder if you want to have a guess at the date i wont ask you its 1830 she wasn't a trouble maker she was grand old lady owned by the white star line and is parked in Long Beach CA 🙂
  6. Yeah Steph i enjoy going through the old articles and the National library are continually up loading digital copies to there site so new stuff is always on the cards I came across this arvo one 5 months later in 1948
  7. Came across this in an Aussie newspaper an article from 1947 thats Australian dollars Fair few marbles i would imagine for the kiddies of London
  8. Thats a good looking group , ive not seen single seams on these didnt know they were around so cool to see some
  9. Lol i believe it got to ten x the amount quoted above when business was really booming , pretty big employer in a not so large city in those days
  10. See the Jap transitional`s in groups all the time down here in Australia get the mushrooms also but not in numbers finding the couple i have is proving a bit of a problem
  11. godown


    Be careful im under the impression they can be very addictive, peltier made there share of the nicest marbles in the hobby
  12. godown


    No mate dont think so, think it is a multi colored swirl i do have a Christmas tree here but its opaque white base with green and red ribbons and im not sure of the variations
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