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  1. budwas

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Steph Wish I could climb inside it and look out. 😆
  2. budwas

    Any ideas?

  3. budwas

    Any ideas?

  4. budwas

    Any ideas?

  5. budwas

    Any ideas?

    Its .64" with transparent base.
  6. budwas

    M.F. Christensen question

    Wow! Thank you all so much. They are gorgeous!
  7. budwas

    M.F. Christensen question

    I Al I was asking about the difference between MF Christensen moss agates and green bricks. Both are very cool! I sure would like to find a couple of each. Lol Thanks Steph
  8. budwas

    M.F. Christensen question

    Thank you slagmarble! Much appreciated.
  9. In the realm of M.F. Christensen. Is there a difference between a green brick and a moss agate? Or one and the same? What I read is confusing. If different, maybe someone has pictures that could help clear the fog. thanks Bud
  10. budwas

    Fun with grandson

    He sure did! It was so much fun I have another box waiting at home so we can do it again next week.
  11. budwas

    Fun with grandson

    I won a lot on Ebay, mixed vintage. My 10 year old grandson has really gotten into marbles. When they showed up, before opening the box, I told him we would draw straws to see who picks first then take turns picking one marble until they were split even. He drew the long straw so he went first. It got really interesting when we opened the box. He had been studying while I was away at work. He made my ass twitch with his first few picks. I was surprised how much he had learned. Haven't laughed that much in a long time. Just thought I'd share the story Bud
  12. budwas

    What Are You Listening To Now?

    St Paul and the broken bones. I been living you to long.
  13. budwas

    Id help

    I say Master.
  14. budwas

    Help with id

    Steph: You always make me smile! Your so humble and sweet. I also thank you for your help. I can't count the times you set me on the right track in a search for answers. Love ya kiddo! Bud
  15. budwas

    Help please

    Lol, I had it in my pocket and lost it somewhere. I'll have to turn the couch upside down.