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German Swirls


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I have been looking at my german swirls, I think that they are, that do not have a lot of surface damage, but there is so many bubbles inside, with little dots of color inside on the lines, and what looks like long digs but they are on the inside as far as I can tell. Were thest made poorly? I know the ponstils on each end are present, but it seems like they are crude. Any ideas. Thanks Barb

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Most likely bubbles...

Were thest made poorly?

Nope... Just fast... Remember, we're talkin' about a child's toy that was made in huge numbers.... The craftsmen were the "marble machines."

End of cane marbles that didn't have color all the way through, slipped through, marbles with "stuff" in them that happened to get into the glass, went through (I know of one with a tack in it!!!....)

As much as there are some that show up and display a worker's fabulous creativity and skill, there are thousands that were mass produced by guys who simply wanted to make a weeks pay....

Sometimes, the bubbles look really cool... Was that intended?? Who knows?? I'm thinkin' it's unlikely. They were made to play a game that damaged them. Not to "look cool."

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