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Boxed Sets Of Contemp Guinea's


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I added a post in the for sale section about boxed sets of contemp guinea's. They are a project and I probably could have posted it here since they are not ready to sell yet, I need to make boxes etc.. check the mock-up and add suggestions good, bad and ugly...

Mike, I can screw up a nightmare, E

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Here's a link to that thread, Mike!!

World's Best Contemporary Guineas

They look great!!!!

I wish there was a way to match the marbles to the box, that wasn't a hassle....

Since contemporary marbles have become so popular and well known, I think the signature issue for IDing old vs. new, has become a "non-issue." And, you've covered your butt with the clear coating...

But, in that world of numbered, COA kinda stuff, there's usually a way to match each piece to the box.

I know, a signature chip with the box number would be a freakin' PIA..... So then, the same old "marking issues" come up...

For economy and sanity sake, it looks like you've taken the only path and it's gonna work out fine.

I'm bettin' the very best guy to help you out with the boxes, would be Mike Barton...


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Box #1, the marbles have been done for a week or so it was the box that took some time to make and hereafter I will think of it as the Budweiser box. The next sets will not have the Bud thing going on.

The box contains 12 7/8" guinea marbles, the box it is signed, dated and numbered on the label and the bottom of the box. The marbles are not signed. I may incorporate a glass signature chip in future boxes.

When a set is sold I will also send three views of the marbles in the box and I will also note the set that the pictures belong too.

The four marbles pictured on the label are included in the first set.

I was asked why I did not sign these marbles...

One, I wanted a consistent look no matter how the marbles are arranged in the box.

Two, quicker to make keeping the cost for me and you down.

Three, placing a signature cane in a marble is not as easy a I would like, particularly in soft glass and with a set a minor screw up would mess the entire set up, in my opinion.

Four, marbles that I make that have the general feel of old marbles are made in sizes that are not common in old machine-made marbles. These guineas are 7/8". They are also hand cased in clear and after 15 years, in my case, there is enough knowledge about contemporary marbles out there so that I would like to think one would not break up a set to try to con someone.

Thanks Sue for your input, and your marble is in the mail!

set #1 is now on ebay, username glass-and-fire

Mike's Lot on eBay










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